Introduction: Create Wheels and Axles

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Lesson Overview:

Now we're going to make our car move!

Step 1: Create Wheels for Your Car

The car body looks beautiful now, but without wheels your car isn't going anywhere.

Let's get that taken care of by creating some wheels for your car.


  1. Place a cylinder on the workplane and size it to 20mm in diameter and 10mm tall.
  2. Place a second cylinder on the workplane and size it to 10.5mm in diameter and 10.5mm tall.
  3. Remember: Set the grid snap to 0.5 to size the cylinder to the 10.5mm.
  4. Change the second cylinder to a hole.
  5. Select both cylinders and align them vertically.
  6. Group both shapes into a single item to cut the hole through the wheel.
  7. Continue to the next step.

Step 2: Create 3 Additional Wheels

We can create 3 more copies of the wheel we just created to make sure we have enough for our car.


  1. Select the first wheel and change the color to black.
  2. With the wheel shape selected, duplicate it by selecting Duplicate from the edit menu.
  3. Move the duplicate away from the original wheel so they are not overlapping.
  4. Select Duplicate from the edit menu 2 more times to create all the wheels.
  5. Continue to the next step.

Step 3: Create Axles for Your Car

We now have the wheels and body created, but we need a way to connect the wheels to the car.

This is exactly what the axles do. We can create them quickly with a couple cylinders.


  1. Place a cylinder on the workplane and size it to 10mm in diameter and 45mm tall.
  2. Select the cylinder and duplicate it by selecting duplicate from the edit menu.
  3. Position the axles between the wheels and the body so they do not overlap.
  4. This will put all the parts in position for 3D printing.
  5. Continue to the next step.

Step 4: 3D Print Your Wheels and Axles

Your car should be able to print without support.


  1. Select Download for 3D printing from the design menu.
  2. Select .STL as the download format. The .STL file format can be used with any 3D printer.
  3. Import the .STL file into your 3D printer software and print.
  4. Congratulations! You have completed the design and printing portion of the project.

In the next lesson you will learn to customize your design!

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