Introduction: Create YOUR Own Secret Language

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It is a simple code language that can be made by ourselves with great ease through which we can share secrets with our friends. With the same concept we can have different codes for different friends. Come on let's create it !!!
I've not uploaded any photo since it is just teaching a language or codes.

Step 1: Choosing a Good Prefix

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The first step of this language is to choose a good prefix.
Actually this language or code is just adding a prefix to every word we speak , if we are more interested we can even add a suffix to the word including prefix.
These prefixes can be simple sounds like ka , sha, ba, or small words like kush, sap ,loo ,etc.
Come on let's try to write simple sentences in this form!!

Step 2: A Coded Paragraph...

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Actual paragraph:-
I want to share a secret with you that is this is my second instructable.

Coded paragraph:-(here the prefix I'm using is ka)
kai kawakant kato kashakare kaa ksekret kawikath kayou kathakat kais kathikas kamy kasekcond kainkastrutkable.

I'm thinking that you all are facing a difficulty in understanding it but when you try these slowly between your friends then you will get habituated. First try with small simple sounds or prefixes and then go for more complex sounds and also suffixes. You can give your own name to your language and I want to give it the name KASOU language that is KA sound language.

Step 3: Enjoy!!!

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I hope you will enjoy using this language by teasing your friends and others.
If you have really enjoyed it then please vote for me in the contest CODED CREATIONS.


twillshire26 (author)2017-09-02

This is so cool! i made my own !

pandalover123 (author)2015-06-28

:D I understand your language you said " I want to share a secret with you that is my sencond instructable

NameN1 (author)pandalover1232016-06-25

They said what it had said.

rosey gillespie (author)2015-04-22

Very nice and entertaining too. I think it will be a good thing even for little kids to play around with just after they learn how to read. Thank you so much for sharing.

thank you so much
please vote for me

JavaProgrammer (author)2015-04-16

This is pretty cool, but even thought I am seeing a lot of code/secret language/cryptic instructables, the contest description and picture it is obviously referring to code/programs for computers and such.

our mind is the biggest computer and it also needs codes , so I've created a code to the worlds super computer THE MIND

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