If you are the pranking sort of person this is perfect for you. I originally did this with bullet shaped chocolates, but after showing friend they pointed out that there is a website that sells them and I didn't want to copy what is already done. So instead I did some geometric and letter shaped chocolates. This is also a great Fathers day game (or present) simply pass the plate around until someone gets a pranked chocolate, depending on how many you make it could be over in one pass or go on for a couple of days (if you just eat one a day). Ironically I ended up getting the hot sauce chocolate (it wasn't that bad the chocolate dulled down the heat) and the cricket.

Step 1: Materials

Chocolate (chips or bars)
2 Pots one that fits inside the other or a fondue pot
spoon X 2
aluminum cans X as many different shaped chocolates as needed
thin plastic wrap (if using plaster of Paris)
ice cube tray if you don't want to use plaster of paris (but your stuck with rectangular chocolates) 
Plaster of Paris (or other molding material, preferably food safe)
Thing to mix plaster of paris in (old milk jug)
plastic spoon
Tin snips (or sturdy scissors) 
Plasticine or wax
measuring cup (1/2 cup)
dust mask(s)

There are almost an endless variation of nasty (or nice) things that you can put into the chocolates so I  just list what I used:
Crickets (bacon and cheese flavored)
Hot Sauce
Pepper Corns
Raisins (these are vary good in semi sweet milk chocolate)  
Sugar (brown or white) 

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