Step 3: Resistors

There are 3 types of resistors, and they're described on the back of the unit.

R1, R3 - brown, black, red
R2, R5 - orange, orange, red
R4, R6 - orange, orange, brown

Put them in and solder them like you did with the C1.
hello, <br>how I can obtain the software of this game. <br>this kit isn't available anymore in your store. <br>I would be very grateful that you give me the software to build one. <br>thank you in advance and waiting for your news, I remain. <br>sincerely yours <br>Joan
Here is a link to making your own SIMON project, with circuit diagram and file for burning your own PIC16F84A microcontroller:&lt;br/&gt;&lt;a rel=&quot;nofollow&quot; href=&quot;http://www.talkingelectronics.com&quot;&gt;http://www.talkingelectronics.com&lt;/a&gt; and click on the Simon link. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;<br/>
thank u boss
im making an electric game board for my science fair proj and my teacher gave me the materials i need:&nbsp; small sheet of pegboard, large quantity of paper brads, bell or electrical wire, battery, small socket, bulb, and small pix and cards. first, wats a paper brad??????? second, where do i get all of this?? some1 plzzzzz answer me asap!!!! thanks so much
Hello , I'm trying to make this circuit for my electronics work. I am using a program called Crocodila technology, in the parts libiray I can't find the IC PIC16LF648A is there like any other components that does extacly the same thing? or does any have the program and know where they are? thanks.
Just a question: I've always had the thought that you should install the IC last, so that there is less of a chance of destroying the thing. Is this true?
Correct. It is common practice with these projects to fit the IC Sockets first, fit the rest of the components and before you insert the IC, test the voltages going to the IC Socket. Then insert the IC. In this case however there isn't a socket, which obviously increases the chance of a novice solderer damaging the IC.
Well said =), thanks!<br/>
The instructions that come with the kit suggest to install it first. This isn't overly complicated so heat shouldn't destroy the IC. But it's a very good point, and I'll make a note about it.
yip =)<br/>
Nice as it is to be able to make your own game of Simon, should this really be on Instructables? Isn't this just an advert to get us to pay $40+postage for a handfull of components that cost <em>far</em> less purchased separately?<br/><br/>In fact, I've got everything required for this &quot;Make&quot; in my parts box, except for the chip.<br/><br/>Come on, &quot;Make&quot;, stick with the spirit of the thing - post the circuit diagram, post the programme for the chip, but leave the adverts for your own website.<br/>
@kiteman, the schematic is here<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.grandideastudio.com/files/hobbyist/electronic_game_kit_schematic.pdf">PDF</a><br/><br/>having instructions on instructables is ok, why wouldn't it be? don't you think that instructables wants more people to post their instructions on building things, specifically kits here? one of the most popular instructables is the mintyboost.<br/><br/>i'd love to see your version of the kit, make one and post it up!<br/> <br/>
&quot;don't you think that instructables wants more people to post their instructions on building things, <strong>specifically kits</strong> here?&quot;<br/><br/>I'm afraid I don't. Maybe I've got it wrong, and I assume Eric or Christy will correct me if I <em>am</em> wrong, but IMO the <em>main</em> purpose of this site is for people to share thangs that can be made with little financial outlay, from things lying around the home or shed.<br/><br/>As for Minty Boost, that was originally posted as an instructable - ladyada gave the circuit, and in the introduction suggested etching your own circuitboard or breadboarding the circuit, no &quot;the instructions are on the back of the unit&quot;.<br/><br/>&quot;one of the most popular instructables is the mintyboost.&quot;<br/><br/><em>One</em> of them. There are over 3700 Instructables on this site, and by far the vast majority, including those equal or greater in popularity, are non-commercial and not showing how somebody made a kit by doing what it says on the back of the box.<br/><br/>I assume, pt, that you've done some research, browsed the site, read what others have posted.<br/><br/>Who else is posting Instructables specifically to boost their own finances?<br/><br/>Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with your magazine producing kits to sell. Feel free. But you have your own website and magazine (which seems good, but I can't afford it) to promote them through.<br/><br/>I'm sorry if you're offended by my comments, really, I am, but most people don't have their own newstand magazines and commercial websites, so I feel that you are exploiting what for a lot of people is their only route to showing their skills to the world.<br/><br/>(And since I'm ranting, what exactly would we be paying $40 for? As near as I can work out, the components, chip included, cost around $4.00 - how much does a PCB cost?)<br/>
i'm not offended at all - kiteman, i'm sure eric and anyone else from instructables will say the site is for everyone to document everything, a DIY magazine using the site to document the kits they sell, that's *awesome* i'm sure they'd love every magazine to do that (they make money from page views, i'm pretty sure they're happy with how much traffic we send here on a daily basis).<br/><br/>we're using instructables to better document our kits, supporting them better, etc. it's in the ***MAKE*** group for our ***MAKE projects*** you can skip ours if you want, but i think we have some fun projects. these are our kits we've had for awhile that i wanted to get documented here.<br/><br/>i don't think instructables should be limited to projects that are free, they should be whatever documentation that's good. i'd love to see more folks with kits put their documentation here, it's the best web site for that in the world.<br/><br/>you seem to have a problem with the price of our magazine (usa $29 for the year with our code CMAKE) - it's almost 200 pages per issue, it's a &quot;mook&quot; it's more book-like, it's like getting 4 books a year. but if that's too much, that's ok - we give away a lot too.<br/><br/>and for the kit, yah - it's $40, cheaper at events - if you can make your own, go for it - but not everyone can, they want to learn how to solder, don't etch PCBs, etc. i think the prices will come down for us over time, at least that's my goal.<br/><br/>just because you don't like it doesn't mean others do not - i've been a member here from the start :)<br/>
(Newbie scuttles from old hand... LOL) $29? 200 pages? Crikey, I misread something, somewhere...
if you want to check out the latest issue i can share out a digital edition (all subscribers get a free digital version online to read) - just email me.
Got it. Converted. Subscribed. (It's going to be a long 4-6 weeks...)
wow, i didn't expect that! thanks so much!

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