Create a 100% Flash Website!





Introduction: Create a 100% Flash Website!

This tutorial will help you build a 100% flash website. I'm publishing this because, I can't find a tutorial for this topic in here. I only found "building flash website template" published here, that's a different topic I guess ;). This instructables is not recommended, if your planning your site to be index by search engine robots to make a ranking, this is intended for those who want a rich media website showing visuals for the eyes.

Credits goes to the original author of this tutorial: commenting and reading!

Step 1: Let's Start

Just read instructions on the pix

Step 2: Step

Just read along...

Step 3: Step

read along....

Step 4: Step

read along...

Step 5: Step

just read easy........

Step 6: Step

read on.............

Step 7: Step

almost done....

Step 8: Step

finishing touches....

Step 9: Step

Were done!
This is my first time to publish this! comments are welcome. if you find this helpful. spread the news. Thanks for giving time reading this hope it helps!!!!

Step 10: Download This Pdf.

If you can't read well on the pics. you can download this pdf format and open it with adobe acrobat



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    Call me dense but what is flash? I've heard of it and know that it is used to make some websites, but I don't know what it is. I presume it is some kind of software that is waaaaay out of my price range. Come to think of it, the most annoying websites I can think of were done in flash, but I'm sure the capabilities could be used for good instead of evil.

    Can you believe it 300 dollars for one program that is ridiculous but i really want to use flash but its waaaaayyyyy out of my price range

    It's an overpriced proprietary vector animation tool with some scripting and streaming media functions that people who forget about the fact that interoperability and accessibility are the very things that made the web so successful up until 6 years ago believe they can abuse to write entire web sites while still being taken seriously as web developers. Wow, this was published 2 years ago? I was going to list all the reasons this deserved a 0.5 rating, but I'm sure the author has heard everything by now so repeating it all would just be mean at this point...

    Flash is very expensive, but it's a great tool. Many sites incorporate flash elements without actually being done entirely in the program. The objects are just embedded in the script.
    The best explanation to "what is flash?" would be to point you this way:
    But, to sum up, it's basically an animating program that allows you to create and animate vector-based images and type and animate them on a timeline (but that is sort of simplifying it). I've tried a lot of different knock-off programs, and nothing I've tried has come close to flash!
    Hope that helps clear things up! :)

    i just got Adobe Master collection off a friend. it is so good. so now i am trying to learn flash. heres where i got to in 10 mins. i have put it into an animated .gif. i did not want to put it on youtube to then embed it here. its pretty simple with no actionscript. but it took a lot of problem solving. mainly to get it to follow a path


    sorry if you cant get ti to play. i couldnt. how do you attach a file. so i can put a .swf file on here.

    Hey, if it's his first instructable, give him a break. And obviously, if you don't want to use the instructable, it doesn't mean that you have talk about how you don't like it. Some people will find this helpful! Some people want all flash websites despite the problems! Some people like pink flamingos in their front lawn. Doesn't mean you're going to go knock on their door and tell them how tack they are.

    Do you understand what this is trying to teach us (I don't)? It seems to require some previous knowledge of Flash. I notice no mention of html or how to get this running from a URL, and it's acknowledged that this is someone else's work anyway.
    Would you ask for the same measure of tolerance on this 'first Instructable':
    (i.e. virgins should not be let off the hook as a matter of course)


    If your friend decided to decorate with pink flamingos, would you say something or just laugh behind their back? This is a heads-up on 'one flamingo is ok, what you have is tacky.'

    I would say... "um.. as long as it's not MY house". Bottomline, don't persecute a guy for trying to be helpful. This is not a good welcome to the instructables community!