Introduction: Create a Bathroom Murder Scene

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Have you ever wondered what your bathroom might look like if a psycho killer went bananas in your shower?  I have!

I was trying to come up with fun and cheap Halloween decorations to make this year.  I don't really have any "theme" to my projects (except Halloween!).  I've been seeing a lot of blood-splattered stuff around opsthe Internet and in Halloween sh this year, so I decided I would make a blood-splattered decorative hand towel to add a subtle Halloween touch to our bathroom.

It was just too much fun making the hand towel, and our bathroom is so small and plain, so I decided I needed to finish the job and turn my bathroom into a murder scene.

Here's What You Will Need:

Plastic Plate
Crimson / Dark Red Acrylic Paint
Isopropyl Alcohol
Red Food Coloring
Blue Food Coloring
Paint Brush
DESTRUCTIBLE White Hand Towel and Bath Towel
(I found a cheap hand towel and bath towel for $1 each at Dollar Tree, DO NOT USE YOUR GOOD TOWELS)
DESTRUCTIBLE White Shower Curtain
(I also found this at Dollar Tree)

Optional - LED Color Changing Shower head $15 on for epic lighting effects during showers.

Step 1: Make the Gore

Picture of Make the Gore

Take your acrylic paint and squirt a good sized amount onto your plastic plate.  

Add in red and blue food coloring (2 drops red to 1 drop blue, as much as needed to make it a light bloody color, it will dry darker.)  Mix well using your paintbrush.

Add in just a little bit of isopropyl alcohol to give it the right thickness (if it is too thick it won't run, too thin and it will)

If you add in a bit much too isopropyl, let it sit out for 5 minutes before using, stirring every minute or two.

Step 2: STOP! Splatter Time.

Picture of STOP!  Splatter Time.

Hang up your hand and bath towels where you can splatter paint on them.  Outside works best.

I made this instructable working on the bath towel and shower curtain, using the hand towel that started it all as a guide.

Gather a large splotch of paint onto your paintbrush and fling it at the towels.

 Experiment with the direction of your flings, the fling-speeds, proximity of fling to towels, and paint-per-fling ratios.

Step 3: Finger...errr....Hand Painting!

Picture of Finger...errr....Hand Painting!

Now, dig your hands into your plate of paint and get a fair amount of paint on them.

Grab at the towels, pull at them, wipe mis-flung paint off your knees from a previous step...etc.

This roughs up the splatters and makes it not seem so...purposeful.

To create soaked bloodstains, dip spots of the towel into your paint.

Step 4: Rinse 'Em Down

Picture of Rinse 'Em Down

Squish your towel into a ball.

Run the ball under water for about 10 seconds, squishing and rotating while you do, just long enough to get the whole towel slightly damp.

Squish out all water and hand up to dry.

This makes all the blood run and mixed together.  I feel it gives the towel a "multiple-murder" feel to it.

Step 5: Curtains Up

Picture of Curtains Up

Hang up your shower curtain.  

You might need to weigh down the bottom to keep it from blowing around on you.  
I clipped mine to plants, and weighed it down with concrete blocks, depending on the step and how frustrated I was with the wind.

Step 6: Splatter, Splatter.

Picture of Splatter, Splatter.

Repeat the splatter effect you used on the towels all over the shower curtain

More paint = Bigger splatters, so if you want to have larger splatters on your curtain mix up more paint and fling more paint at once.

Step 7: Get to Know the Victim...

Picture of Get to Know the Victim...

To really let your audience know your victim, gather a large puddle of paint onto each of your hands.

Press one hand against the curtain and drag it slightlly, letting the rest of the paint flow orgbanically down...

With the other hand, grab the curtain and tug, creating a smeared hand print of total panic...

Step 8: The Big Splotch

Picture of The Big Splotch

Take your paint, and add more isopropyl alcohol to make a thinner blood in a fairly large quantity.

Throw your plate of paint at the curtain, preferably near the hand prints.

Careful of any folds, they catch paint and make streaks...

Step 9: Let Them Dry

Picture of Let Them Dry

Let the paint dry fully before you hang your accessories up in your bathroom.

I gave them a full afternoon in the sunshine to make sure of no wet paint.

Step 10: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!

Now you have an awesomely murderous bathroom!

We hang up the decorative towels whenever company comes over, to help get them in the Halloween spirit!

As for the shower curtain, we got a surprise when we turned out the lights and turned on our shower...You can order an LED color-changing shower head off for about $15.

For more awesome crafts and fun projects, visit my blog, The Procrastibaker!


cheldi (author)2016-09-20

did you use a plastic shower curtain? that's all my dollar stores would have but i worry about the kids getting it wet and having the paint running onto the tub or new floor. i guess for peace of mind i'd better pay more for a fabric one that i can wash/dry before use. all the better to save for next year!

Jitterytoo (author)2015-10-30

Great idea!I plan to modify your idea somewhat since we are going as Walking Dead characters & I'm Carol. My poncho will now be fantastic! Next year, the bathroom will the star of the show. Thanks for sharing

pcgirl (author)2015-10-30

It needs some tears. :D But I'm going to do one. :D

thundrepance (author)2015-10-18

LOVE IT! if an over-night guest decides to set-up household & sponge off of you indefinitely, put it up while s/he is sleeping. the most fun will be had if the guest gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. you'll have the house to yourself by the next morning, & the freeloader won't be back. x^)

yo_demigods (author)2015-05-21

this is so cool better have some friends sleepin over haahahahahahaahahah

ZebulonS (author)2014-10-25

this is awesome!

SparkySolar (author)2014-10-03

Wicked cool I love it

cnwatts2 (author)2014-02-25

so doing this in my new house starting on it tonight!!!

LP2 (author)2013-10-27

Ha ha, I should do this one and invite a Police friend over.
Make sure he;s off duty not armed hahahaha !

hmerchant (author)2013-10-16


hmerchant (author)2013-10-15

or you could just color your hair...

poofrabbit (author)2012-11-13

Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!

bajablue (author)2012-11-13

Love this! Good luck!!!

Badass Stealer (author)2012-11-01

well, well seem like I'm in the right neighborhood... muhahaha ^,..,^

wb7ptr (author)2012-09-30

I think I'll make one of those ... then invite some of my friends to come over and try my new shower :)

Oh yes ... I'm an EMT and DO know how to defibrillate someone's heart if needed :)


zacker (author)wb7ptr2012-10-01

make it, then invite the inlaws over, make sure to put a big kitchen knife in the sink or someplace they can see it, but dont make it bloody. then when they ask where their daughter is, do the whole "lying, trying to cover your self" thing.. "Uh, her? oh, yeah, she went out... umm with her new friend from work, yeah so I figured id invite you guys over so I wont eat dinner alone..yeah!" then wait till they use the

wb7ptr (author)zacker2012-10-01


Slow fade in, front door of home opens. In laws walk in, sit down.

Glad you could come over for coffee. Have you seen our new kitchen?

In Law:
Nope. Remodelling or something.

Yeah, you could say that. Come let me show you.

The two of them walk towards the kitchen past the bathroom. The bathroom door (where the "murder scene" is) is closed, hiding it from view. Upon entering the kitchen, there's food on the stove cooking, a coffee pot .. and a huge butcher knife in the sink with a tiny trace of blood on it.

Don't you have a daughter? Where is she?

In Law:
Not sure. She wandered off earlier.

I heard she's been missing a while. I'm going to call the police and file a missing person report I think.

In Law: (acting very nervous)
Oh ... you don't need to do that. She'll be here shortly. Oh, where's the restroom?

Homeowner (walking back towards the closed door):
Right here. You're welcome to use it.

In Law opens the door to be greeted by flashing red LED shower light, and a realistic looking "murder scene" ... runs out screaming, peeing his pants on the way out the front door.

Homeowner: (to audience, Rod Serling style)
Well ... he DID ask to use the restroom. I was just getting it prepped for my halloween party. I do hope he finds his daughter soon!

Sudden cut to black.

Copyright 2012 by Lynn Magnuson, screenwriter

wb7ptr (author)wb7ptr2012-10-15

Next stop ... the Twilight Zone ....

TheProcrastibaker (author)wb7ptr2012-10-14

I never thought anyone would write a screenplay based off my bathroom.

*tear* I am SO honored. My life is now complete.

zacker (author)TheProcrastibaker2012-10-15

Screenplay? its gonna be a hit movie! lol

Its even going to have the song "Horror Business" By The Misfits as its theme song. I swear, this song was made back in the early 80's, just for your

Too much horror business
Driving late at night
Psycho '78
My bathroom is new

You, you don't go in the bathroom with me

Psycho '78
12 o'clock, don't be late
All this horror business
My mirrors are black

You don't go in the bathroom with me

With you
I'll put a knife right in you
I'm warning you
I'll put a knife right in you
I'm warning you
I'll put a knife right in you

Too much horror business
Drivin' late at night
Psycho '78
My bathroom is new for you

You, you don't go in the bathroom with me

Psycho '78
I'm talking about
12 o'clock, don't be late
I say, all this horror business
My mirrors are black for you

You, you don't go in the bathroom with me

With you
I'll put a knife right in you
I'm warning you
I'll put a knife right in you
I'm warning you
I'll put a knife right in you
I'm warning you
I'll put a knife right in you
I'm warning you
You, nobody can do
What I can do, no

wb7ptr (author)TheProcrastibaker2012-10-14

Any time, dearie ... and oh yes, we have two well maintained restrooms on our set ... you're welcome to use them ANY time ..... :}

zacker (author)wb7ptr2012-10-15

Oh Thank you... they do have showers I suppose?

zacker (author)wb7ptr2012-10-01

lol... nice. reminds me of Dane Cook talking about his girlfriend playing the "What if game" she's always asking What if questions like," What if I threw all the food we just cooked out the window?" or while driving down a highway, "what if I grabbed the wheel and made us go off the road at this speed?" So he said he got her back by doing this: They went to a party at her parents house and he says to her, "hey, what if i came out of your moms room covered in blood and said, C'mon, we gotta go, NOW!?'

wb7ptr (author)zacker2012-10-01

I just COULDN'T resist!
Something like that really needs a script. Now, when I find a director, A.D., Key Grip, etc. and of course actors, we'll be ready for our first real production ... LOL!!!

zacker (author)wb7ptr2012-10-07

craft services
Promotions more money!

Monster Muncher (author)wb7ptr2012-10-06

Wow that is such a good script love it!

wb7ptr (author)Monster Muncher2012-10-06

Gee ... thank you!

I was SOOO inspired by this project I just HAD to write something :)

Okay ... think I should film this??


******CASTING CALL********

wb7ptr (author)wb7ptr2012-10-06

Oh yeah, the whole thing had the flavor of a horror film set, so I had to give it the right "documentation" :)

"The Bathroom Murder Scene"
Directed by Lynn Magnuson
Starring all my friends on

Coming soon to a bathroom near YOU!

The Papier Boy (author)2012-09-25

Nice idea. This does seem easier than actually murdering someone.

True, but some people ARE worth the extra effort. :-)

Pretty cool though. All it needs is a red rug in front of the shower cut out in the shape of a person with white "tape" around it.

Thinkenstein (author)2012-10-01

A really fun idea, Halloween or otherwise! Probably few other themes would be as theatrical.

stricnin (author)2012-09-30

Am I the only one to check this out because It reminded me that Dexter returns tonight?

zacker (author)stricnin2012-10-01

lol... right? It reminded me of "Physco" first then i thought, "Thats right, DEXTER is on tonight!!" ...

The Steph Show (author)stricnin2012-09-30

SO EXCITED FOR DEXTER TONIGHT!!!!!!! :))) Have you been a fan since season 1 too?? :)

stricnin (author)The Steph Show2012-09-30

Oh yeah Season 1 started it all for me too. So tonight I'll have the cold beer and the phone unplugged. No interruptions!!!

danny6114 (author)2012-09-30

I assume that the shower curtain is cloth and would require a liner to be functional? It would be trying to have to remove and replace it when showering otherwise.

It is a vinyl shower curtain from the dollar tree. We usually use a liner inside a more decorative outer shower curtain, so it worked well for us. The paint doesn't bleed on the vinyl after it has dried good and well, even if it gets a bit of water splashed on it.. Great point!

I would've guessed the paint would flake off the vinyl and leave chips on the floor if it was opened and closed very often. Color me surprised!

The Steph Show (author)2012-09-30

Awesome!! So creepy and awful - but in the best way! :)

bright.n.squirrelly (author)2012-09-30

This is definitely going into my favorites for some future Halloween. Thanks for sharing!

snoopindaweb (author)2012-09-30

"Oh Gee Honey, You're so good with Yer' Hands"...HAR.!

lime3D (author)2012-09-30

Nice. You could also scrawl a bloody message on the mirror with your finger. After your party, the paint will clean right off the glass.

Brass Paperclip (author)2012-09-29

So gross and creepy! The dirty towel kills me...LOL.

sunshiine (author)2012-09-26

Nice build! Thanks for sharing.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-09-26

Creepy and disgusting! It's wonderful!

sherrycayheyhey (author)2012-09-25

This would be an awesome decoration during a house party when a lot of stranger would be using the bathroom. Great job!

jessyratfink (author)2012-09-25

What a good idea! I've never thought to decorate a bathroom before. :D

doodlecraft (author)2012-09-25

Wow, that is seriously creepy cool! Love the light changing display too! :) What a fun and frugal Halloween touch to the bathroom--I think my kids would love to make one!

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