Photoshop CC 2015 tutorial showing how to design and create a powerful, horror movie poster of dripping blood over a human skull and ghostly, ethereal text. Horror poster

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<p>This is so cool. I love your tutorials! I have a question. I'm going to sound very dumb, but is Photoshop free?</p>
<p>No, I don't think Photoshop is free (At least I have not found a free version yet)</p><p>HOWEVER I do know of, and use, another image editing program that is said to be Photoshop's free rival. Its a free program named GIMP (General, Image Manipulation, Program) And while I cant compare it to photoshop myself as I don't have photoshop, I DO know that GIMP comes with a ton of stuff, layers, transparency, bla bla bla. In fact I edited a scan of one of my quick sketches, and the finished product has now become my instructable user's picture, and inspiration for my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Longboard-Renovation/" rel="nofollow">DIY Longboard Renovation</a></p><p>So if you want free, Try GIMP out! Enjoy! And I hope this helps! :D</p><p>Get GIMP for free at their website <a href="http://www.gimp.org/" rel="nofollow">here</a>!</p>