Step 6: Formatting and Copying Files to the USB Drive

At this point, the HP USB format tool should pop up. Select your USB drive from the list. You can select the quick format option to speed things up. Click the Start button to format the USB drive

*WARNING: All contents of the USB drive will be erased!

Once the drive is formatted, you should see a dosbox with files being copied to your USB drive
After that, the GRUB4DOS utility should pop up. This will put the required info onto your USB drive to make it boot to Gruub4Dos.
Click on the Disk radio button
Use the drop down to select your USB drive
Click Install
That's it! Your USB drive should now be bootable to VistaPE!
<p>I downloaded Winbuilder 2013 and I ran it and typed auto. Whatever.</p>
Hey, Is There Anyway You Could Help Me Do This Over TeamViewer?
I'm getting another error: IF - unrecognized clause: [c:\windows\syswow64]. evaluated string: [If,ExistDir ,&quot;%WindowsDir%\SysWOW64&quot;,Set,%SysType%,&quot;amd64&quot;]<br>I'm on 64 bit windows 7 and am installing from the WAIK. Does anyone know how to make this work?
I get an error in this part that says: Run-Failed to find section [NotConfigured] in file: [%basedir%\ProjectVistaPE-Core\Base\00-api-main.script]
hey um... your link doesnt work, you tutorial has been great, but im still haveing issues with mine, i think it was because im using a 64bit vista, im going to try the AIK soon. once i can download 1gb.....
Sorry about that. It's fixed now. I haven't tried making it with Vista64. I'm not sure if there would be driver issues with it. Good luck.
the video file was not found
On Winbuilder version 076 you have to go to "Source" before changing the paths.
all i can download is upx 2. is that a problem?
Make sure you click the Server button and put a checkbox by VistaPE.net/project. Then click download. It will then download the scripts necessary to start the creation process. I just ran the latest build and was able to download the scripts. UPX is a different, but similar boot project. Looks like it's LiveXP based rather than the newer, more compatible VistaPE environment.
I can get to this point. But my computer isn't old enough to have PS2 ports and VistaPEv.12rc1 doesn't seem to support USB keyboard/mouse. Any suggestions?
How did you get the usb keyboard/mouse to work? vistape boots up, but I can't get either to work
I see I'm not the only one where lack of USB support has been a roadblock. I hope someone knows the answer and would care to share. I've read a fair amount about "injecting drivers" to a PE install, but I just don't have the time to dedicate to becoming a PE expert for my one little need.
Try using a CD/DVD instead of a USB
i have a Toshiba machine. is this possible on one? mine won't run it properly.
Your hardware is irrelevant. You simply need a Windows XP or higher operating system with USB support.
uh... yeah... my comp doesn't have the proper stuff on it to do the necessary things, and i'm running ubuntu 8.10
Well, there you go. Ubuntu doesn't support Windows software.
try again: WINE is the program that can open windows stuff in ubuntu. only thing is, it's a pain to get to work. and anyway, i don't have a disk for VISTA.
WINE can only run certain programs but not all.
true... but for those WINE can't run, i have crossover.
that reminds me. i should have partitioned when i installed Ubuntu on my Win98 tower.
"crossover" isn't for going between partitions. it's for installing windows software in linux in a way that works.
hmm... im intrigued! tell me more.
you can only really get it without paying by torrent, the main thing i use it for is for MS office, but there's a version for games as well.
<em>&gt;you can only really get it without paying by torrent</em><br/><br/>thats what i like to hear! i dont like paying. do you have a torrent link?<br/>
yes, in fact:<br/>games: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4472840/CrossOver_Games_7.1.2_Linux_%5BLame_Duck_2008-10-28_Free_Download">http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4472840/CrossOver_Games_7.1.2_Linux_%5BLame_Duck_2008-10-28_Free_Download</a><br/>pro: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4472793/CrossOver_Pro_7_1_0_Linux_%5BLame_Duck_2008-10-28_Free_Download_Da">http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4472793/CrossOver_Pro_7_1_0_Linux_%5BLame_Duck_2008-10-28_Free_Download_Da</a><br/>
31/1 seed/leach ratio! thats the second best ive ever seen!
I know. It took less time to finish downloading the data than it took to get the .tor file! You <em>do</em> know how to install .sh files, don't you?<br/>
not the slightest clue! =D<br/>
navigate to the directory that the .sh file is in, then type "sudo sh -filename" that should work...
now why cant all linux programs be that easy to install? i thought it was going to be a couple command lines like you normally see.
actually, it's a few lines, depending on where you have the file. did you install it?
win98 is NOT worth it to try to make a partition. in fact, i repaired a tower i have that lost its ability to push 98 around with ubuntu.
Yes, but I mean under normal circumstances. And why bother trying to get it to work if you have a decent OS anyway?
cause i have a disk of every OS that's not horribly outdated except for vista...
You could just go buy Vista...?
that, i have on my comp already. but you don't understand my goal: to have a disk of every operating system that i can make one for, even if said OS is disfunctional.
You must have one hell of a flashdrive o_0. Use GRUB boot loader once you figure out how to get all of them on there. Just my $0.10 worth. Then make an instructable on how to do it :D. GG, EaglesNestOne
no; i use actual disks to do it: i burn the ISO files onto CDs. i have too many CDs to be useful...
Just use puppy linux. Created for this kind of thing and it's a complete OS with all the tools you'll ever need. Try it instead of wasting time hacking winslows.
fedora core
I see that you have to boot from the drive. Is there anything that can run inside of windows? Like a virtual OS? *cough...U3...cough*
you mean an emulator...yes, just search linux emulator...like qbox i think...
I keep getting this error: The archive was created with a different version of ZLBArchive (v1612016497): (ExtractFile,%ScriptFile%,%AFolder%,%Archive%,%Target%) Any Ideas on how to fix this?
Will this work with Win 7 Beta? Has anyone tested it? If not, I'm planning to do so sometime in the next couple of days.
Nevermind, I got it. The VistaPE server was unchecked.
On my Winbuilder screen, I only have Optional, ReactOS, and Tools. How do I get the VistaPE Core?

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