While watching the list of Make friendly shops increase on Makezine I wondered if it would be possible to geotag the shop locations on a map somehow.

Using Platial MapKit, I will show how to make a tabbed map collection for a website, using the maps I put together for Make: as an example.

You can go ahead and add Places to these maps. They will be going live on Makezine.com pretty soon.

So, try out the maps, get a feel for the functionality, and then proceed with this instructable to get an overview of what is needed to build something similar for your own site.

The Platial MapKit faq might also come in handy.

I am not affliated with Platial or Makezine more than being an avid user.

Step 1: Generate Code for Your Maps on Platial.com

After having decided how many maps you want, use the MapKit wizard on Platial to generate your code.

Save that code in to a text document and label it for future reference.

Note: you can only publish MapKits of maps that you own. You can make the map first and add places to it, then get the MapKit code or you can create the map and get the code first, then add places to it. It doesn't matter which way you do it.
This is definitely the coolest thing I've seen done with Platial maps so far. Rad. Rad. Rad.
Solid and thorough. I will probably use a lot of this information to update an older site of mine. Thanks.

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