first off, I gotta say... this really works! with that being said watch the video to get better details on how to make your very own ChalkLine... 
nice, the chili powder will make me sneeze thou.
THIS is why I subscribed.<br />
Genius!!!<br />
very good, I will be using this.<br />
It's a great build and well shown. However, the voice-mask is not good. I assume people use these because: 1 they don't like the sound of their voice, 2 they want to sound older than they are. But it doesn't work, it just says &quot;I disguised my voice because I didn't want you to hear it&quot;.<br /> <br /> L<br />
<strong>Thanks, though you're assumptions of why I morph my voice are good, its none of those reason... Its just my gimmick...</strong><br />

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