The main memory technique that is used by memory champions is called anchoring and descends from memory techniques used by the Ancient Greeks (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Method_of_loci for more). It takes advantage of your brain's overwhelming abilities in visual and spatial processing to create often absurd and always interesting mental images that are very easy to remember.

A Memory Journey is a journey through a place that you are familiar with (such as your house) where you use items as anchors for the things you need to remember. As a bonus, you can remember these frontwards and backwards (like a wonkavator).

Step 1: Pick Special Objects to Be Anchors

1. Pick a familiar location for your memory journey such as your house.
2. Choose objects that are special to you in some way, the more emotional you can make things, the more memorable it will be.*
3. Draw a line from object to object so you know what path to take.
4. Commit the list to memory by walking through it in real life or in your mind.

*All of my musical instruments (objects that I care about deeply) are destroyed or defaced each time I anchor something to them, making it easier to remember.
I've heard of this kind of thing before. It's pretty neat. Will have to try it one day.
Great i found this instructables quite similar to mind map ^.^

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