Create a Minecraft Creeper (MCPE)





Introduction: Create a Minecraft Creeper (MCPE)

Exploding Minecraft Creeper

Step 1: Start the Legs

1. First start with the toes in a checkerboard.
2. The legs need to be 3 blocks High.

Step 2:

1. Make the body about 8 blocks tall and 2 blocks wide.

Step 3:

1. Create the head.
2. Make the face.
3. Finish the head.

Step 4: Making the Head

1. Create the head.
2. Make the face.
3. Finish the head.

Step 5: Adding TNT

Fill the Head with TNT.

Step 6: Light It and Enjoy!

Watch it Explode!

Step 7: 3D Models

1. Start 2Dish
2. Then make head symmetrical (what I did).

Step 8: Get Scribbly

Step 9: Add Flooring

1. Destroy Material that was once flooring
2. Add knew flooring

Step 10: Edit If You Need To

Step 11: Creating Body

1. You also need to be scribbly on this one.

Step 12: Edit If You Need To

Step 13: Add Arms, Legs, and Feet

1. You might want to go scribbly on this one.
2. Add arms, legs and feet.
3. Don't forget toes (if Your 3D model needs it)!

Step 14: Design It How You Want To

1. Add spikes if need.
2. Add a cute tongue if need.

Step 15: Finished!

Advice- Be Creative!



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