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Introduction: Create a Minecraft Mod

This Instructable will show you, without fail, how to create a minecraft mod.

THIS INSTRUCTABLE IS OUTDATED! Click here for the new version.

**I am not responsible for any corruption/damage done to any world by mods that vary form this instructable!**

**If you have the new build for minecraft 1.6.2, the home screen will differ. Instead of projects, click on Mod List.**

Step 1: Needed Software

We will need:

- MCreator 
- VANILLA Minecraft (of course)
- MCForge
- Magic Launcher (Optional)

Step 2: Start the Mod

I trust that you have now properly installed MCreator and that it is working. Open it, and click on New Mod.

Step 3: Title and Type

Title your mod, click on block, if not already selected, and click on OK.

Step 4: Texture

Click each face for the texture. you will be presented with a selection box to chose the texture for each face, select it, click select. After you finish this for each one, click next.

Step 5: Block Attributes

Here you can select how hard your block is, does it give off light, preferred mining tool, sound on step, has gravity (like sand/gravel), provides redstone power, what it drops, etc. Go wild with it, and when you are done, click next.

Step 6: Events

Here we choose the inner workings of the block. What does it do when placed? Updated? Destroyed? Every tick? Play with it, then click next.

Step 7: Crafting

Click the place in the crafting 'square' where the desired material will go to craft or smelt the block and you will be presented with a dialog box giving you a choice of blocks to put here. I chose sponge, or in java, Block.sponge. When you are done, click next.

Step 8: Finishing Up

Click finish. Wait for it to compile. You will be taken to the main screen, where you click Projects. Click on it, and exprot it to a zip file. browse to the place of save, and click save.

Step 9: Magic Launcher (a.k.a. You're Finished!)

Open MCForge inside of magic launcher along with your new mod zip file and log in. Use creative mode for easy access to the block. Have fun!

**Upon request I will create an instructable for any of the available mod types in MCreator.**



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