We decided to dress up like Nintendo characters for a music video, so we needed a mushroom hat so that our drummer could be Toad.  This project only took a few hours and was all created with stuff we already had lying around in closets, unused.  The perfect project to compliment your spring cleaning! 

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials we used:

- A cowboy hat: we used an old straw one I had lying around
- A large sheet of cardboard: dependant on how large you'd like the hat to be.  Thicker is better, as it will provide much needed stability.
- Red and white fabric: we used old t-shirts originally, but ended up commandeering a white linen pillowcase for a more professional look, though this isn't totally necessary.  White t-shirts without too much logo would also do.
- Strips of foam: (not pictured here) to provide the structure of the sides of the hat
- Plastic grocery bags: used for stuffing the hat

Tools: (Nothing major)

- Scissors
- Exacto knife
- Fabric glue
i dont like mario or anything, but i love mushrooms because of the phcycadelic, funky energy it gives off.
Love it :)
Very cool.
funny ;)
I just plain love game related anything! Very nice work, and I love how easily this can be created at a low cost! Nice job and good luck in the contest!

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