Create a Perfect Metallic Smoky Eye in 3 Minutes




Introduction: Create a Perfect Metallic Smoky Eye in 3 Minutes  A metallic smoky eye is a perfect look when you want something with a little more glam than your traditional, 'come hither' smoky eye and it doesn't take long to create. Here's how you do it:


1. Apply foundation & primer.

2. Prime and line your eyes.

3. Add blush & nude lip gloss.

4. Wet brush: Prep your brush with a little bit of fix for some moisture.

5. Highlighter color: Apply your lighter highlighter colors up top. The key here is to go from light to dark.

6. Second color: Bronze. Add the second color, some shade of bronze or gold, on top of your first highlighter layer.

7. Apply black shadow: Match your desired level of 'boldness' with an appropriately sized stroke with your brush. I like a very bold eye so I've used a broad stroke in this example. Follow up with a smaller, wet brush to fill in the gaps.

8. Blend with your fingers: Blend with your fingers and clean up any mistakes.

9. Reapply until satisfied: Add more black eye shadow as necessary for a nice bold smoky eye.

10. Dot pigment along lash line: Apply the sparkly pigment along the lash line and blend.

11. Lash out: Apply 2-3 coats of a nice thick mascara.



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