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Introduction: Create a Rasterbated Poster

Make your image newspaper comic-style, print it out, and put it on your wall.

Step 1: Choose an Image

You can use any image you want. It can be one of your photos, or an image from the web. I f it's an image from the web, just copy the image URL.

Step 2: Enter the Rasterbator

Go to the Rasterbator web page: The Rasterbator.

Step 3: Upload Your Image

Click on 'Rasterbate online'
If you have a photo saved on your computer, click in the 'Upload image from your computer' circle., and click next. Then copy the URL in the 'Image url:' box, and click next.
If you found an image on the web, click in the 'Download any image from the www' circle, and click next. Then, click 'Browse', find your photo, and click next. NOTE: The maximum file size is 1 MB.

Step 4: Crop & Size Your Image

First, you'll notice on the right, under 'Mode', that 'Crop' is selected. Drag the small squares around the image to crop it, or just leave it alone, and click on 'Size'.
Now, note two things. One, the white box inside the grid. Two, the small square on the bottom right corner of the image. The white box represents the outline of the poster. You use the small sguare to size the actual image. Under 'Paper size' you can either choose the type and if you what the pages to be vertical or horizontal, or you can create your own custom width and height.
So, drag the small square to the desired size. You want to get the right side of the image as close to the white outline as you can, without making it move to the right. Notice on the bottom it shows the dimensions, in sheets, and the total sheets the poster will require, which changes as you change the size. Also notice on the bottom right, you can click 'More sheets' or 'Fewer sheets'.
When you're all done cropping and sizing your image, click 'Next'. When you click 'Next', a window will pop up. Don't worry, it is just confirming that you wish to continue with the amount of pages set, click 'Continue'.

Step 5: Set Rasterbation Options

Here, you will set the rasterbation options.
First, choose whether or not to have a dim outline drawn around each page, which makes it easier to cut them out. Do this by clicking in the 'Draw border around rasterbated area' box. Unless you are making a poster with a lot of pages, (in which case, I'm assuming you're not going to cut out each page), I suggest you leave this box checked, it makes it A LOT easier to cut out the pages. Next, choose the dot size. If you used a small amount of pages, choose a smaller dot size, more pages = larger dot size. I always use the smallest dot size. Lastly, choose the color mode. If you want your poster to be black & white, don't touch anything. If you want the whole poster to be one color, enter the color in the 'Custom color:' box, in web color notation. If you are not familiar with web color notation (like me), click on the 'web color notation' link. Scrol down, find your color, then copy + paste. If you want your poster to be in just normal color, click the 'Multi-color' circle. Finally, click 'Rasterbate!'. After a few seconds, you can download your rasterbation as a pdf file.

Step 6: Print Out Your Rasterbation

Open the pdf file. Click File, Print...
Make sure you have all the right options. Under 'Print Range', 'All' is selected. Under 'Page Handling', make sure 'Page Scaling' is set to 'Fit to paper', and the 'Auto-Rotate and Center' box is checked. Click 'OK'.

Step 7: Constructing Your Rasterbation

After you have printed out the pages, cut along the line on each page, making sure you keep them in order.. After you have cut out all of the pages, tape them on the wall. You can use scotch, or any other tape you want, but I use masking tape, as it won't take the paint off the wall.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Enjoy your new poster!
Ideas for images to use include:

>favorite band

>favorite author


>videogame character








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    Thank you, really cool programm, enjoying ;)

    Unfortunately the linked site barely works for me. Here's a newer one:

    I made a master of puppets one :D


    I've been wanting to be able to do this for years. Has anyone been able to download the software. I click on the download and it never goes anywhere.

    4 replies

    I did and it works fine for me


    Thanks, just got it to download from both sites.

    It takes all of 5 seconds to download and only an additional 30 before you hit print with this download. Thanks for the link!

    Are there any other websites/programs out there similar to this?


    I believe you can also do this in Excel, but hey, never knew that this was possible online! Cool.

    ummmm..... rasterbate? does that sound a little.....odd?

    3 replies

    haha! "Rasterbate" "rasterbations" lol i love it awesome effect. +

    Yeah, I was telling my dad about it, and he was like, "Wait, you do WHAT to a picture??!?" lol

    I really dig this. Thanks!

    tomonto, I've just uploaded the pdfs to , I also made a 5mm dot version, 'cause it's better to view, plase tell me when you download so I can delete the files. Hope you use a4 paper

    have fun!