Picture of Create a Sketch Catalog Feature
A Catalog Feature is a predefined Sketch or Feature that can be inserted into a model with a single command. The sketch variation of the Catalog Feature allows inserting a sketch that is completely drawn, constrained and dimensioned.

Although equations can be used to define the sketch in the Catalog Feature, only the actual parameter values will be inserted with the sketch, and any formulas will be lost. This prevents creating a catalog feature whose dimensions will automatically adjust to existing parameters within a part. If you need the Catalog Feature to use a formula or part value, you must edit the Catalog Feature parameters after insertion and change the equations to formulas or part values.

In this tutorial we will cover taking a sketch of a Raised Panel cutter profile, and create a sketch Catalog Feature. That cutter profile can then be inserted into a part model, and be used to create a new feature based on the sketched profile. Another Instructable will use this sketch Catalog Feature to create a Raised Panel part with this profile defining the raised panel profile.

If you want to create a sketch Catalog Feature from an existing sketch that is already used to create a Feature, you must first delete that Feature to allow the creation of the Catalog Feature. Just make sure the part is saved that contains the desired sketch, delete the feature that uses the sketch, create the Catalog Feature, and then quit WITHOUT saving the changes to the part file.

yeongjie8 years ago
What is a sketch catalog?
This software seem interesting. I would like to find some local software that can draw myself. Could this software draw me if i provide my own photo. sketchmyphoto can be use to convert photo to sketch for free but then it is a webservice. upload wasted my time
woodknot (author)  yeongjie8 years ago
A Sketch Catalog Feature is like a Block in AutoCAD; a group of lines to make up an easy to use building block, rather than having to draw everything from scratch each time you need it. However, Alibre Design is a 3D solid modeling program to aid in the design of mechanical parts often used in engineering. We are using that same part design capability to design wooden component for cabinetry and furniture. While it is a great package for doing line drawings, it is not suitable for working with graphic images. Something similar to Photoshop would be more appropriate, and the free GIMP Image Manipulation program may be worth looking at.