Create a T-shirt dress in less than an hour!

Picture of Create a T-shirt dress in less than an hour!
My yellow t-shirt was boring but after repurposing a 100% cotton t-shirt and t-shirt sheet, I was able to convert it to a cool & comfty maxi length dress.
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Step 1: Materials required

Picture of Materials required
100% cotton t-shirt (for bodice top)

100% t-shirt sheet (for skirt bottom) - either flat or fitted of any size

Sewing machine, Straight pins, Measuring tape

Step 2: Determine length of the top

Picture of Determine length of the top
To create the bodice top, measure from shoulder to waist.  (Because I wanted a higher/empire waistline I measured to the lower edge of my bra line in both the front and back.)

Add 1.5" for the seam allowence and mark where the bottom of the bodice cut line will be.

Step 3: Split the sheet

Picture of Split the sheet
Remove elastic from fitted sheet and then fold it in half, cutting across to create 2 separate lengths.  One length will be used for the front skirt panel and the other for the back skirt panel.

Next, fold each fabric panel widthwise and accomodate the center of the print.

Step 4: Measure for skirt panels

Picture of Measure for skirt panels
Fold the t-shirt bodice in half and using the cut line as your guide, lay it on the top of the folded fabric.

Next, draw another line from the bottom of the bodice top down the length of the fabric.  (If a shorter skirt is desired, you can always trim away the excess.)

Repeat to create the other skirt panel.

Pin right sides together and sew the side seams together, creating the skirt portion of the dress.

Step 5: Stitch down skirt waistline

Picture of Stitch down skirt waistline

Fold down the top of the skirt by approximately 1" and stitch. 


PuzzleJenn2 months ago

I was trying to come up with a way to get jersey knit inexpensively to make a comfy pair of wrap pants....of course! A sheet! I'll be heading to the thrift store tomorrow.....also, this is really awesome. I may have to make something like this after the wrap pants. ;)

Pat Chouli3 years ago
This is so cool! I have to try it for myself and two girls. I bet they'd love it and I'd like it's nice looking plus comfortable to boot. Win:Win! Thank you. :)
kcli (author)  Pat Chouli3 years ago
Glad to hear you are inspired to give it a try! Even if it doesn't work it makes a nice swimsuit coverup ;-)
BarginsTech3 years ago
The sheet! Was that a bed spread?! I have this at home! Deff going to get new ones and use the print for something like this! Love it!
kcli (author)  BarginsTech3 years ago
Well, it was a fitted sheet I got at the thrift store that ended uo being too small for my bed. It was so pretty and i am glad I found a use for it when my eyes can be opened.