Picture of Create a Whimsical Mad Hatter Teapot Lamp!
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Create a fabulous, whimsical, Mad-hatter inspired statement lamp!
Or several...dozen!

I love doing things in bulk!
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Step 1: Collecting supplies.

Picture of Collecting supplies.
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You will need teapots, teacups, saucers, odd little ceramic things...

 A lamp kit.  About $8 at Walmart.

1/2 inch Diamond Drill bit! (about $18 at the depot)

Hollow, metal threaded rod...for the center structure.
(I upcycled an old can too, unless you are a machinest!)

Light bulb and Lamp shade.

Spray paint

Vinyl decal...optional

Step 2: Disassemble and drill.

Picture of Disassemble and drill.
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colorful 1.jpg
Disassemble your junk lamp.  Keep all the pieces!
I bought so many broken lamps at yard sales and thrift stores...paid about 50 cents to $3 for each.

I took them apart mainly for the center structure rod.  It's a hollow tube with threaded ends on both sides...keep the nuts that thread on it too.
If you are or know a machinest, I bet they can put some fitting threads on either side of a cheap hollow metal rod.
Alas, I am fixing an old lamp and making it better!
But save all the pieces until you are finished, because you may need spacers and weights and stuff...

Because I bought old junky or broken lamps I replaced all the hardware.  Safety third--right?

Next.  The drilling.

Drilling glass, china and ceramics is very basic...seems scary though.

Take a baking sheet and place a bath towel inside it.
Place your plate, teapot, cup or saucer so you are drilling through the bottom on the towel.
Mark with a sharpie marker your center dot.
Pour water onto your "to be drilled" item.  The bottom lip holds the water perfectly.

To begin the drilling, you start slowly at a 45* angle.  When you have carved out a decent half circle groove you slowly bring the bit up straight and bore the hole all the way through. 

This took a lot of time.  Slowly and patiently!  I didn't break any glass!

Each piece just needs a hole straight through it...except your base needs a hole out the back for the wiring!
shazni2 years ago
Did you glue one tea cup on to another? I'm a bit nervous about it toppling over...when i do stacking up lamps i generally either glue or nail...depends on the raw product :-)
doodlecraft (author)  shazni2 years ago
You can use a glue, like E6000...I didn't. They are supported with a threaded hollow center rod, so I figured that would be enough. I have seen where the lamps are drilled and glue together, then just the flimsy lamp cord runs up the center, although I haven't tried that...should still work! :)
huntnchick2 years ago
Yea! I voted again! ;)

You know I love your work Nat!
CazzPhoenix2 years ago
I really will do this someday... just have to find a top hat for the shade when I do.
doodlecraft (author)  CazzPhoenix2 years ago
Brilliant idea!
omnibot2 years ago
Ha ha ha XD Oh, ye gods that is AWESOME! I laughed so hard!
What a great and cool idea.
Oh and the best part is you can get your supplies at a garage sale or a charity store where those nick-nacks are dirt cheep since they're used.
doodlecraft (author)  Treasure Tabby2 years ago
Yes! That's where I get part is, if they are chipped or lightly broken and they still work for the lamp! One of those teapots didn't even have a bottom...I just stacked it on a plate! And thrift stores will usually just give you broken pieces or they make them even more discounted! :)
I remember you working so hard in your garage making these! They look so good and professional!
doodlecraft (author)  The King of Random2 years ago
Yes yes! I've sold some for $100 each too! :) Way worth it!
Way to go! That's incredible. You have a brilliant mind :D
nodoubtman2 years ago
original idea!
doodlecraft (author)  nodoubtman2 years ago
Thanks! They catch a lot of attention! :)
Lovely! Even though the original pots and tea cups have such cute designs, it really does look much better together after the repainting you did. Good idea :)
doodlecraft (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks! It was hard (at first) to drill and spray paint such lovely pieces...but I love the matchyness. I found the bombay blue china partial set at a thrift store ($8)...but there was only 1 teacup...(and after making sure the set wasn't worth real money, I drilled it) made the perfect matching lamp set. I gave that one to my best friend who collects Teapots! :)
scoochmaroo2 years ago
This is stunning. Is your house now just full of teapot lamps or do you sell them? I can imagine them being all the rage at a craft fair.
doodlecraft (author)  scoochmaroo2 years ago
Thank you! :)
I have 2. One in my bedroom, one in the living room! I gave a few as gifts and yes, sold some! It's more than covered the costs I put into making all of them--can't beat that!