Create a Christmas Mobile With Twigs and Sugru





Introduction: Create a Christmas Mobile With Twigs and Sugru

For secret Santa, team sugru made each other something that used sugru. Our office manager Charlotte made Jane this really cute mini mobile with twigs, thread and tiny pieces of red sugru. It's now proudly hanging over Jane's kitchen table.

Step 1: Collect Twigs

- We used twigs roughly the same size, but you could mix it up and use different sizes.

Step 2: Spray White the Twigs White

- Don't spray completely white, still want to see bit of twig.

Step 3: Apply Sugru

- Use pea size pieces of sugru

- Shape them onto the ends & knots in wood.

- Leave to cure propped for a few hours, so no sugru touch other surface.

TOP TIP - if you find sugru sticking to your fingers, wipe them clean using a piece of toilet paper.

Step 4: Find the Centre

- Find the centre for each twig before tying. This will help it balance.

- Cut a groove using scalpel to mark where to tie it. This will also stop it slipping when tied.

Step 5: Tie Things Up

- Tie the twigs equidistant apart.

- Don't forget to make a loop at the top so you can hang them up easily.



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    It look really nice and a tiny bit weird! I like it!