Create a Command Prompt Window the Easy Way.





Introduction: Create a Command Prompt Window the Easy Way.

I know that this has been done before, but my version is a tiny bit different

Okay, so you want to try out some cool command prompt tricks, but you cant seem to find out how to actually open command prompt. (This would be the case in most schools, or workplaces.) This instructable will show you how to get a command prompt window up and running.
This works in Windows XP.

If you do not have a blocked computer, or if you are an administrator, go to step 3 and read the last section.

I am not liable for anything that you may do with this information, i am just telling you how to get the screen open, i am not telling you to use it in an improper manor.

Step 1: Creating the File.

Firstly, open up notepad. This can be found at:
start> all programs> accessories> notepad

Once your in notepad, type in the words
"" (with no quotations)

Step 2: Saving the File.

To get the file to work, go to:

file> save as...
and then save the file as
"command.bat" (without the quotations)

Now, make sure that you save it as .bat on the end, because this is the most vital part.

If you want, you may name it anything, but you must keep the .bat on the end. So it could be:

Step 3: Your Now Finished!

Now, go to wherever you have saved your ".bat" file and double click it to open command prompt.

If you do not have a blocked computer, or if you are an administrator, you can just go to
start> run> and then type in cmd

This will open a window. If it does not work, then used steps 1 and 2.



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    and save it as a .bat (very important)

    another way in notepad:
    @echo off

    Ummm... if you dont change the save as type box u will only make a text file not a batch file

    No, if you try it my way you will see that is works without changing those particular settings.

    this did not work
    try to create an instructable that actually works next time is soso on some backwards compatible MS-DOS interfaces linked with xp/vista/7 it will open command.COM which is completely different

    at my school they have been more clever, instead of blocking getting tocommand prompt they have blocked the Run thingy and then when youdo get onto command prompt it goes onto 9it and then says that it has beendisabled by your administrator, and then quits. and batch files have alsobeen banned, unless you run  them in archives (e.g. .zip folders). so doesnt work. the only way to get it to work is to write a batch file to emulate it. the problem with that is that when you start routing around in the password protected D: partition of the computer you cant see whereyou are without typing Dir. anyway this method is only an alternative to typing 'cmd' in the run thing.

    ayy so if you cant open the run box because it is blocked then how do you do it?!?

    just copy this code and save it as a batch

    @echo off
    color 0a
    title @ %CD%
    set/p "command= +++> "
    goto Input

    hey this is a better code

    @echo off
    color 0a
    title @ %CD%
    set/p "command= +++> "
    goto Input