I hand paint custom cornhole boards and have been brainstorming about ideas for my own boards.  (For those of you who do not know what cornhole is [also called Baggo] check out the ACA for complete information.)  I wanted to do a graffiti theme on them, but am not a true graffiti / spraycan / street artist, so I decided to hand paint the characters, lettering and small details and then I would spray paint the background.  What better background for graffiti than a brick wall!?

Obviously painting a brick finish can be done in many places, but I have chosen to do it on my boards.  Imagine a wall or floor in your house, or even a car or desk top, your imagination is the limit!  This technique can also be varied, so keep in mind that this is a baseline and can be modified to your creativity and ideas.  Please comment if you want, but if you would like to tell us how you would have done it better, then I suggest you do your own instructable and show us!

Step 1: Masking the Design

To start with, I had a set of boards painted white.  On one I had started my character and the other, I just had light pencil sketches for planning.  I will not go into how I painted the character or made the boards, as this instructable is aimed towards spray painting a faux brick finish.  There are two ways you can look at creating the foreground designs.
1. Starting with a character or any sort of design in the foreground means you have to mask it off before you paint a background, this makes the design pop more as it creates hard defined edges.  It is also easier to create your foreground designs since you can have a blank canvas to work on.  It is however, a tedious task of masking a design, especially one with a lot of detail.
2. Painting the background first and then adding the details on top allows some of the texture and color from the background to show through plus creates softer edges on your designs.  However when you add your foreground details onto the background in this manner, it is harder to sketch them on the background for painting.  I did both ways as you will see.
Good job. <br>I don't think we call it cornhole here in PA.
Yes, we do.
I like it, it's funny, legal, and downright cool. Build a small and very artist gate this method would get the neighbors attention.
Thank you! I'm trying to think of another place to do this that would be pretty cool as well.....
Nicely done! Good explanation and pictures.

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Bio: I am an artist and work as an engineer. I like to combine the 2 fields in my projects.
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