Introduction: Tools Needed

  • Glass Bottle
  • Dust Mask
  • Safety Googles
  • Masking Tape
  • Sandpaper (150)
  • Dremel Diamond Point (7144)
  • Dremel Power Tool
  • G2 Bottle Cutter (to mark the bottle)

Step 1: Marking the Cutting Height

Picture of Marking the Cutting Height

Using the G2 Bottle Cutter, mark the bottle in the position where you want to cut it. Just apply a little pressure to the bottle against the Cutter. From this step forward, it's recommended to use the Safety Googles!!!

Step 2: How to Separate the Bottle

Picture of How to Separate the Bottle

[Option A]

Alternate Hot and Cold water. Try to just splash with water the cutting line!

[Option B]

Using the Dremel Thin Disk, cut thru the line. Be patient, just apply light pressure!... From this step forward is recommended to use the Dust Mask!!!

Step 3: Smooth the Glass Edges

Picture of Smooth the Glass Edges

Using a 150 sandpaper, rub off the glass border to even the surface and continue until it is smooth to the touch!

Step 4: Surface Preparation

Picture of Surface Preparation

Cover with masking tape the area of the glass where you will be engraving the art

Step 5: View the Final 4 Steps on the DIY Video Below to Finish the Tutorial

Click the thumbnail above or HEREto view in detail the final 4 steps In the DIY video! If you liked this tutorial, please press FAVORITED in Instructables and LIKE on the YouTube Video... Thanks for the support!...


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