Introduction: Create a Hardware Store Jet Engine!

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Jet engines are fun.What could be better than fire,noise,and power?Unfortunatley jet engines of any type arent easy to make unless you have welding experience or acess to a machine shop.

Step 1: Supplies You Need.

Picture of Supplies You Need.

for the small jet y ou will need...a 1/8 by 1 1/2 brass nipple,A 1/8 by 3 brass nipple,A 1/4 by 2 brass nipple,And two 1/4 to 1/8 brass reducers.
For the large jet you will need A 3/8 by 1 brass nipple,a 1/8 by 1/2 brass nipple,a1/8 by 3 brass nipple,two 3/8 brass couplings,and two 3/8 to 1/8 bushings.
For both jets you will need a vice,two propane torches (or just one and a windproof lighter)But the large jet needs a regular bernzomatic torch and the smaller one needs the quikfire,you will also need some pliers.

Step 2: Build the Combustion Chamber.

Picture of Build the Combustion Chamber.

attach the two reducers to the 1/4 nipple nice and tight.

Step 3: Add the Intake and Exaust.

Picture of Add the Intake and Exaust.

attach the two 1/8 nipples to the combuston chamber.

Step 4: Smal Jet Completed!

Picture of Smal Jet Completed!

this is what it should look like.

Step 5: Lets Build the Bigger One!

Picture of Lets Build the Bigger One!

Attach the 3/8 nipple,couplings,and bushings together so it looks like the picture.

Step 6: Attach Intake and Exaust.

Picture of Attach Intake and Exaust.

attach the two 1/8 nipples to the bushings.

Step 7: Big Jet Completed.

Picture of Big Jet Completed.

It should look like the picture.

Step 8: Pre Run Check.

everything tight? are you in a place with few flammable objects? do you know how to treat burns? do you have your bucket of water or a water hose? If so,Lets fire these jets up!

Step 9: Run the Small One.

Picture of Run the Small One.

position your jet in the vice with the intake facing the quickfire torch to almost full power but do not light! light your other torch or windproof lighter,bring the torch near but not touching the intake position the lit torch or lighters flame bettween the intake and torch,then adjust torches position until a steady hum is achived then remove lighter or lit torch. adjust throttle and torch until your satisfied with perfomance.

Step 10: Run the Big One.

Picture of Run the Big One.

Starting is the same as the small one but instead of a hum a high pithced whine and/or whooshing noise should be acheived.
Note torch venturi must be removed.


mr builder (author)2009-04-23

how about avideo plz

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um, fifthded? ;)

budhaztm (author)pastaking2011-10-18

I would say sixthed, but my english teavher would kill me.

Mavamaarten (author)budhaztm2011-10-19

Sevended !

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You can't do that, you have to build up to a number that large

fine then

that's better

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Mavamaarten (author)dim202012-08-08


Oh God XD

Is this gonna go on??

DABOATS (author)2015-03-01





and here is a wiki on JET ENGINES...

Not to be rude... but you need to either edit this thing or get the terminology right.

I appreciate your attempt.

ahongs (author)2014-08-07

Isn't this just a longer blow torch pipe?

HammE (author)2013-05-21

Not to be rude, but how is this Instructable actually a jet engine? To me, it just seems to me metal tubes connected to each other.

Please respond nicley!!!

DTS10 (author)2013-02-18

I agree with mr. builder

CrabbyAmerikan (author)2012-04-02

Spotted a typo. "Adjust throttle and torch until YOU'RE satisfied with performance." Cap the first A, and replace your with you're. ;)

ZachMaker (author)2012-02-02

i Guess TWELVETHED!!!!

jcbull117 (author)2011-09-03

its small pulse jet if you would look it up you tube theres a bunch on there i used to a heinkel he-22 rc plane with a pulse jet had a fuel leak it blew up

henrywfstone (author)2008-10-25

thats not a jet engine. thats a flute blown by a blowtorch.

sky0 (author)henrywfstone2011-08-11

I think ken's disappointed now.

pulsed (author)henrywfstone2008-10-26

Actually Einstein it is a jet engine, a pulse jet to be exact.Not only did you say it was not a jet without even bothering to look at the comments below, you tried to define as an instrument which is vastly different! Tell me where you saw a flute that was blown from the end and had an expansion chamber? oh and dont forget the fact that flutes make a smooth sound at a certain pitch the dont buzz or growl! well guess what? you didnt see one because they dont exist! I am really getting tired of people like you who go and tell people are wrong without doing any research whatsoever and then telling the in a manner that implies that you know exactly what you are talking about! you are now an official "armchair propulsion expert!" AKA: guy who thinks whatever does not have a turbine isn't a jet engine and then goes and tells people who know what they are talking about that they are wrong! Congrats.

Sponzyparadox (author)pulsed2009-08-09

It seems to me to be more of a very simple scramjet than a turbine jet as no doubt he is thinking. I see no fan blades it is hard for me to call it a jet. Though it is defiantly a Scramjet. I mess with plasma pulse and ion engines so I am no full expert; though you do have some interesting concepts. Thank you for posting this instructable. And I may try this one day while I am waiting for the JBweld to dry

im assuming you're referring to me when you say 'It seems to me to be more of a very simple scramjet than a turbine jet as no doubt he is thinking'. if this is the case you are wrong. i know what a turbine is... scroll down and read my many posts on this thread demonstrating that. scramjets require extreme speeds (above mach 1, if i remember correctly its been a while since i've studied them) which compress the air using pressure waves to make the combustion more efficient. there is no supersonic flow. therefore there is no air compression in this example. therefore its not a scramjet. its a flute(/waste of time).

You see since it uses a blow torch aka compressed air and fuel for a fuel source it is simulating the compression at supersonic speeds. You also have to factor in that this is by far smaller than the scram jets used by nasa and others. But it does achieve the same effect that the other larger scramjets create

no. you're wrong. air is considered 'uncompressible' to aeronautic engineers at speeds below mach one. while it can technically be compressed, compression waves are not formed in the same way below mach 1 as they are above mach one. scramjets need compresstion waves. they are what makes a scramjet a scramjet. comparing pressure waves below mach 1 and above it is like comparing day to day physics such as a car going along the road and relativistic physics. they operate on the same basic principles but COMPLETELY different rules can be used to model each of them. unless this blowtorch ejects fuel at above mach one this is NOT a scramjet. its a lot closer to a pulse jet than a scramjet but it still isn't one.

T3hpw9ag3 (author)pulsed2008-11-22

There is a popsci article on making pulsejets. I am not an expert, being 14, but from my understanding a pulsejet works by having alchohol burning at the bottom of a jar, and there is a hole in the lid that allows enough air for it to burn, so there is a big pulse of flames, then it chokes itself so it recedes, then there is enough oxygen so it goes back out, in a perpetual cycle, untill it runs out of fuel. Henrywfstone has proved his comments, and from what he said I would be more inclined to beleive him.

henrywfstone (author)T3hpw9ag3 2008-11-22

clever 14 year old then. if its the pop-sci article with the 'jam jar jet'. i'd really reccomend making it. i thought i looked cool from watching videos on the internet. but i've made it my A-level physics project (equivilent to 13 grade in america i think). it sounds ALOT cooler than in the videos. even my teacher (who studied aeronautic engineering at univerity) was very impressed and it took him a while to understand how it works.

T3hpw9ag3 (author)henrywfstone2008-11-22

yeah, the germans actually emplored the pulsejets in their V2 rockets, they had no navigation system, the only way to make it go farther or shorter was to put more or less fuel in it, and they launched hundreds of these dirt cheap rockets per day. Yeah, i am hopefully going to make a trip to the hardware store soon to try it out, with my new-found interest in rockets and jets.

pyromaniak262 (author)T3hpw9ag3 2009-04-09

the V2 was a large ballistic missile. You are thinking of the Ramjet V1. Ramjets are slightly different. They are basically a pipe with air flowing through then fuel is added and ignited. The germans were creative in the fact that they made it a sort of pulse jet where there was a baffle that kept the flame from pushing forward and out the front. The original design was a ramjet though.

Oh, yeah sorry just checked that. although the V1 was more of a flying bomb than a rocket =p

tech-king (author)T3hpw9ag3 2009-07-03

actually, the v1 was a pulsejet; a valved one to be specific.

bug on fire (author)T3hpw9ag3 2009-01-05

i thought it was V1 oh well u learn something new everyday By the way is it true that valveless pulse jets create less thrust?? By the way I'm also 14

henrywfstone (author)bug on fire2009-01-05

yup. v1 vaulved pulsejets produce more. but they come with many disadvantages, mostly they have moving parts and they get alot hotter. (your timing was quite odd.. im in the middle of finishing an all nighter on my coursework which has been about jam jar pulsejets)

henrywfstone (author)pulsed2008-10-28

r.i.p. long counter argument that was removed by admins *sigh*

theknexking (author)2010-06-12

Actualy this is nowhere near a pulse jet ,I agree with 99% of the users that this is nothing more than a metal tube a pulsejet is a device that mixes a LIQUID fuel and air from the intake in a chamber with a spark plug or other means of igniting the fuel in it, an exhaust tube in which the thrust is realeased and a reed valve on the other and so when the combustion accurs there is only on place to go and after the combustion allows more air to came in and repeats the process, but you see, in your "jet" (3 tubes screwed together) the force thrust can be realeased backwards toward the souce of fuel which releases all of the energy in the wrong direction, so technicaly all your doing is holding a blowtorch to a tube and tinking it sounds like a jet so it is a jet, am I right? So really i think you should just give up trying to play "mr,rocket scientist" and try actually listening to people who no what there talking about for example ,henrywstone you might actually learn something by listening to him and your going to argue "prove it" and make stupid remarks like "actually Einstien" well heres your proof not-quite Einstien: A pulse jet engine (or pulsejet) is a very simple type of jet engine in which combustion occurs in pulses. Pulsejet engines can be made with few [1] or no moving parts [2][3][4], and are capable of running statically. Since they were first invented in the early 1900s, pulsejets have remained relatively obscure,[neutrality is disputed] and after their use in the Second World War German cruise missiles, a lot of propaganda and misinformation has been spread about pulsejet engines. Over the years this misinformation has even been assimilated by college-level engineering textbooks, perpetuating the cycle of misinformation. There has been a great deal of research on pulsejet engines recently, as more people realize the practical benefits of their capabilities. One such line of research is using pulsejet engines to study and simulate various pulse detonation engine phenomena much more cost-effectively and on a smaller scale. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.a valved jet engine where combustion occurs in pulses, as used in the V-1 flying bomb ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- •A pulse jet engine (or pulsejet) is a very simple form of internal combustion engine based jet engine where combustion occurs in pulses ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now is that enough proof? p.s. Im thirteen and i know more about aerontautics than you i dont want to rub it in your face or anything but thats kind of sad.

sky0 (author)theknexking2011-08-11

ahem **overkill** ahem

But you still don't know how to spell Einsteins last name. Brilliant.

scarabeetle101 (author)2010-05-15

 not meaning to sound rude or anything, but what's the difference between this and a metal tube?

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