Introduction: Create a Mobile Microscope

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What if you could take a photo of every microscopic thing around you? An insect, a flower, a scratch on your car, you could see what you want with high precision, without needing any expensive portable microscope. Just adapt a lens to your phone and have fun!

Step 1: Find a Lens

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A lot of devices contain small lenses mainly used to concentrate the light in a specific direction. These parts are rather easy to find, in laser pointers as well as in led keychain flashlights. Depending on the device, different qualities of optics and different magnifications are available. Hard to know the properties of the lens before trying it.. So find a device and test it out !

Step 2: Design Your Adaptator

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3D Printers are now fully accessible to everyone. You can make your own 3D printer, or contact companies that design and 3D print specific parts for you like Get3DPrinted. Here, a very small adaptator was made in order to fit on the case of a Motorola Razr HD. The aim was to align the new lens with the objective of the camera of the phone, without hiding the flashlight of the phone or the microphone.

Step 3: Insert the Lens

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To finish, you just need to put the lens in the adaptator, and put this adaptator in the case. It is better to try to adjust as well as possible the lens to its adaptator. It is nice to be able to insert the lens easily, and that this lens stays in its place.

Step 4: Enjoy !

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Now just use your system! You can even make a little pocket to store and protect your lenses.


banman11 (author)2015-04-21

Very good!

Ludvic (author)2015-04-11

Amazing :D I made the same thing but I don't have 3d printer :(

Get3DPrinted (author)Ludvic2015-04-11

Nice alternative ! Your macro photos look good.

Ludvic (author)Get3DPrinted2015-04-11

Thanks! I vote you for the contest ;)

rodski (author)2015-04-11

i think its not a microscope,it's just a Macro Lens,but Nice project!

KyleTheCreator (author)2015-04-10

Brilliant! Nice job on the photography!


pcoursen (author)2015-04-10

very nice!

Get3DPrinted (author)pcoursen2015-04-10

Thank you ! You can find more 3D printed creations on facebook :

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