Create a Mouse Trap Trip Alarm.


Introduction: Create a Mouse Trap Trip Alarm.

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This is a simple mouse trap trip alarm.  Never have to sleep with one eye open again. Just set this up in door ways and any intruders will trip it giving you enough time to kill them before they kill you.

You will need
victor mouse trap
and thin wire, sewing string or fishing line. I used dental floss so that you can see it in the pictures.

Step 1: Assembly

This is too simple.  Attach the mouse trap to the edge of the door frame about 5 inches off the ground.  You want the mouse trap to be oriented horizontal to the floor.  If it is pointing up and down it will not be as sensitive. 

Make a loop with the thread.

Run the loop through the copper bar and set the trap.  You set the mouse trap like you would normally except that you have the loop running through the bar.

Carefully and gently run the string to the other side.  Tape the other side. Be gentle, it only takes a couple pounds of force to trip this.

Step 2: Stand Back and Wait.

Your adversary will walk by and trip the wire.  Unless you have had too many martinis you should hear the loud pop it makes.   This should give you plenty of time to reach the suppressed Walther p22 you have on the night stand.

 Video on youtube



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    I,ve used mousetraps in a similar way. I've seen where you could use the movment of the arm to pull another string to trigger a camera or a light switch.
    The best one I made up was to staple an arch of course sandpaper to the ends of the trap and then tape a kitchen match to the side of the arm, so when the trap was triggered it would strike the match on the sandpaper. I planned then to also tape a firecracker to the arm and wind the fuse around the matchhead.

    I've used something similar for years when camping. I attach a pistol primer to the mouse trap. Makes a LOUD bang, be warned though, it'll blow your mouse trap to pieces....or your fingers if you're holding it when it goes off.

    So cool! I may have to tape a few of those poppers you can get from the ice cream man to the side it snaps on for some extra fun

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    make a vid and post it to see how loud it gets.