Create a Popart Bedside Cabinet





Introduction: Create a Popart Bedside Cabinet

About: I have been making how to craft videos for a while now I am now going to be branching out into other areas of teaching. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.

This bedside table was a bargain find at a boot sale.

Step 1: No Prep Chalk Paint

I was painted with 2 coats of grey chalk paint - no prep work needed.
I then found an image that I liked and draw it onto the cabinet with pencil

I then went over my pencil lines with black acrylic paint

I lightly sanded the artwork

Step 2: Wax Finish

Finally I gave the whole cabinet a bees wax finish



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    it's so cool great job . can send me the girl face image

    That's how an instructable is done! No waffle and straight to the point. Well done.

    I think this is great! Mostly because of the visual aspect, but you have done a stellar job, with few steps (and words) so it's almost like the wordless workshop. Thanks for sharing!