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This Instructable shows you how to build a projector clock. This device allows you to project time on the wall. Based on a small LCD alarm clock (not too small, instead, you won't be able to project it and to work on it), this is a good way to display current time.

Step 1: Gather the parts and plan

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For this Intructable, the main parts you will need:
An LCD clock with a wide screen (mine also display date and temperature)
A magnifying lens (the one used to magnify pictures for example)
A halogen light bulb
A power electric source to feed your light. I used a 12V 60W light bulb, but the power source only provide 6V, dividing by 2 the provided power. A too powerful source would feeding the light would generate too much heat and burn your LCD display.
A fan to evacuate heat generated by the light in the box
A box that you can easily work out (maybe avoid wood since heat could cause it to burn
Other: electric wires, screws, duck tape, glue and welding iron
Your first and most delicate work is to modify the LCD
arikyeo5 years ago
instead of "weld" use the term "solder"
newtonn26 years ago
Hi there, That's a cool time projector. Have you tried to use a fresnell lens b4 the lcd? that could fix the problem of the black borders. it could give you a even projection. Thank you for your Instructable.
what's a fresnell lens?
arikyeo5 years ago
 is there any chance that the halogen bulb will melt the glass?
it happened in real life, and the part that got exposed by halogen light 8 hours a day got 'eroded' 

LastDevil6 years ago
is that a standard MR16 or GU10? You can get them both in a wider light rather than the 25 direct light that might sort the borders out. Great instructable ;)
osgeld6 years ago
i happen to have that same clock (probably in a slightly different case, mines a pen holder, and you can remove the clock, which removes a wall in the pen holder so you leave it in all the time ...) but it seems to be a semi common promo item, its not the first time ive seen it
Jakeg6 years ago
does anyone know how I could do this with a laptop moniter? If not how can I wire the laptop moniter to a regular desktop. Better yet, both!
slimguy3797 years ago
you know if you used a lcd from a digital camera, and hacked it to have an input you could have a mini lcd movie projector, but this idea is cool as well. keep up the good work
awkrin7 years ago
looks nice, but would there be any way to make a kind of glasses with two lcds that act as filters and replace the monitor, move while playing games etc
ac1D7 years ago
nice! you can make it for 2$ also, but WAY more cheap. buy a 1$flashlight and a 1$ lcd transparent clock at dolar store. i guess u know what to do after..
gamer ac1D7 years ago
You also need to buy batteries and you need to diffuse the light because the flashlight is focused... -gamer
Cool! Great Instructable! Thanks Joe
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Nice! I tried to do this once, but the optics were wrong. Oh well, try 2