This Instructable shows you how to build a projector clock. This device allows you to project time on the wall. Based on a small LCD alarm clock (not too small, instead, you won't be able to project it and to work on it), this is a good way to display current time.

Step 1: Gather the Parts and Plan

For this Intructable, the main parts you will need:
An LCD clock with a wide screen (mine also display date and temperature)
A magnifying lens (the one used to magnify pictures for example)
A halogen light bulb
A power electric source to feed your light. I used a 12V 60W light bulb, but the power source only provide 6V, dividing by 2 the provided power. A too powerful source would feeding the light would generate too much heat and burn your LCD display.
A fan to evacuate heat generated by the light in the box
A box that you can easily work out (maybe avoid wood since heat could cause it to burn
Other: electric wires, screws, duck tape, glue and welding iron
Your first and most delicate work is to modify the LCD
instead of "weld" use the term "solder"
Hi there, That's a cool time projector. Have you tried to use a fresnell lens b4 the lcd? that could fix the problem of the black borders. it could give you a even projection. Thank you for your Instructable.
what's a fresnell lens?
&nbsp;<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frensel_lens" rel="nofollow">en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frensel_lens</a>
&nbsp;is there any chance that the halogen bulb will melt the glass?<br /> it happened in real life, and the part that got exposed by halogen light 8 hours a day got 'eroded'&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <br />
is that a standard MR16 or GU10? You can get them both in a wider light rather than the 25 direct light that might sort the borders out. Great instructable ;)
i happen to have that same clock (probably in a slightly different case, mines a pen holder, and you can remove the clock, which removes a wall in the pen holder so you leave it in all the time ...) but it seems to be a semi common promo item, its not the first time ive seen it
does anyone know how I could do this with a laptop moniter? If not how can I wire the laptop moniter to a regular desktop. <sub>Better yet, both!</sub><br/>
you know if you used a lcd from a digital camera, and hacked it to have an input you could have a mini lcd movie projector, but this idea is cool as well. keep up the good work
looks nice, but would there be any way to make a kind of glasses with two lcds that act as filters and replace the monitor, move while playing games etc
nice! you can make it for 2$ also, but WAY more cheap. buy a 1$flashlight and a 1$ lcd transparent clock at dolar store. i guess u know what to do after..
You also need to buy batteries and you need to diffuse the light because the flashlight is focused... -gamer
Cool! Great Instructable! Thanks Joe
Nice! I tried to do this once, but the optics were wrong. Oh well, try 2

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