Create a Sexy Backless Halter Top





Introduction: Create a Sexy Backless Halter Top

Hot date tonight & nothing to wear? Here's a few easy steps to a sexy, backless halter top that goes with anything! Slap it on with a pair of jeans & you're ready for a hot night out.



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i used this design but i didnt add elastic in the neck part and i didnt use the big piece of elastic with the clip in the bottom. instead, i used aluminum rings and chain linked them together to use it through the neck part and around the neck. i then added two chain links across the back and one coming down the middle from the top to the bottom!

id love to see that it sounds amazing

I am speechless, I just dived into the world of DIY Fashion, and I absolutely LOVE everything you make on here. Thank you so much, all of these videos are much appreciated... even though I have no idea how to work a sewing machine (atm). Plus you're gorgeous, much better than watching the ugly, old women with hairy moles on their face that have been teaching me to knit on YouTube.

love it! but i'm skippin the clear bra.....

HOT.... lol

well,,,, um..... i like the Rear  view of it.....

!!!!!! ah

I'll bet you're really good at origami.

WOW she is amazing