Create a Shower Spa for a Few Bucks.





Introduction: Create a Shower Spa for a Few Bucks.

Create a pleasant, rain-like shower "head".
I have tried several different (and expensive!) shower heads, but none of them gave me the spread pattern and coverage I wanted. Doing some other projects with PVC pipe, I hit upon this idea.

Step 1: Parts

You will need:

1/2 inch PVC pipe (12 to 24 inches)
1/2 inch PVC end cap
1/2 inch PVC end connection
Shower hose (standard 1/2 inch connection)
1/8 inch drill bit
3M Command hooks and adhesive strips

Step 2: Cut the PVC Pipe.

A length of about 12 to 15 inches is good. Remember, the longer you go, the less powerful the spray for the same water pressure.

Step 3: Attach the End Cap and Connector.

You can use PVC pipe glue if the fit is not snug enough.

Step 4: Drill Holes About 1 Inch Apart.

Do this in a straight line across the length of the pipe. Try to keep the drill perpendicular to the pipe.

Step 5: Rotate the Pipe About 1/4 Inch and Repeat, With Offset.

Drill another row of holes about one inch apart and in between the previous ones, with the pipe turned about 1/4 inch. Again, keep the drill perpendicular to the pipe.

Step 6: Attach the Hose.

Step 7: Place the Hooks in the Shower at Desired Height, and Place Pipe.

Step 8: Attach to the Shower Head.

Here I have a "double" shower head connection where I've attached two of these. With the knob you can choose one or the other, or both. Again, the more holes you are actually using, the less of a stream coming out the holes (with the same water pressure).

Step 9: Enjoy Your Shower Spa!

Remember to turn the holes towards the floor when you are done. Otherwise, you might get a face full of spray the next time you turn it on!

This one is placed on the side of the shower stall, not on the front. Of course, you can experiment with different lengths, number of holes and positions. You could also get some Command strips that are like cable ties and set up one or more perpendicularly.



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    This is very clever, it actually looks really cool too! It creates almost a waterfall of water. I wonder if you could actually create a line through the pipe, so the water all comes right at once. I'll have to try this when I remodel my bathroom.

    I was thinking of doing the same exact thing, and, like many of the other folks, am trying to come up with all sorts of directions and patterns. Now that I've seen this build, I know my plans will work (within my available water pressure limits, of course!) Nice work!

    Easy, let it corrode to the point you don't like it.

    Then wait a bit. If you still have the green part, (you shouldn't), wipe it down with catchup. I do this with a LOT of copper, and it takes almost no time.

    I get a nice antiqued look.

    wow i wonder if i could make one that wraps around all around the shower also could i paint it with a a sliver finsh

    Thats an awesome idea simple yet greet
    Im looking who's the lucky one im going to gift im

    Great project!!! Now u can think of making a square out of pvc pipes :)

    Perhaps I might try to make thinner holes by burning them with a hot needle. And pointing their radius to an imaginary center (where I would be receiving all the water).
    I love the water-spay showers! They are like clouds...

    If I'd got this on my hands (or on my bathroom), I'd never leave the shower again!!! :D I already spend two hours just with a regular wash up (excluding the hair-wash) because I like standing in the hot, steamy shower.

    I also found out recently that when your voice is too sore to sing, you can blow soap bubbles in the shower and watch how the hot air makes them swirl upwards.

    "Hey, honeyy, there's something I you need to bring with you from the hardware store next time~! :)"

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    2 hours? I hope that is a joke. If you have a normal 2.5 gallons per minute shower head you are using 300 gallons of water.

    wow im impressed. i allways had an idea like this but didnt nkow how to connect it tothe shower or the wall. :p

    Nice!!! I will try to make one, but a rectangular shape 4-pvc pipe. Connected by elbows.

    Another idea would be suspending it overhead by mounting an extra shower curtain rod up there and zip-tying the pipe to that. Plus you have gravity adding a bit of pressure that way.

    i have a question will the command sticky thing really work if you wash the shower/tub

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    I had 3M strips and hooks holding things to my shower walls all through college, and I never once had one fall down. Definitely follow the application instructions on the back of the box, but I wouldn't worry about them falling off.

    my idea is to split this up into 3-4 pipes one in front side and then back and use very small holes and lots of them on all 3 so that it gets to be a fine mist from 3 directions... perhaps 4 if i can put one overhead as well... that would be wicked! In fact i juts got the idea to put a small tank before this with some peltier heaters to heat up the water before it hits the pipe since my main hot water tank isnt exactly the best.... hmmmmmmmm

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    FAVORITE! Genius, really. I'm going to make one with several hooks at different levels for myself and my kids!