Create a Simple Delay in Your VB Visual Basics Program




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Introduction: Create a Simple Delay in Your VB Visual Basics Program

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In this video I show you how to create a small delay inside your vb program, this can be useful when programming with micro controllers or to space out when your functions take place. There are many applications for this and this can be quite useful at times when you need to pause your program for a split second or even minutes. The program is pictured in the images and is available for download.

File Links:
Please note, you will have to choose to continue with the download and not discard it if using Google chrome since there are executable files.




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    That is true, I would suggest using the function way when a very short delay is needed and wouldn't really show/ matter if the interface was unresponsive for that split time.

    Another way to create a delay is using a backgroundworker and putting the thread to sleep for a certain amount of milliseconds. This will keep the interface responsive