Introduction: Create a Stylish, Multi-functional Vest Cover Up

Expand your wardrobe with this multi-functional vest cover up. This one piece can be re-configured and worn in totally different stylish ways!


creid3 (author)2011-08-08

is it possible to make the vest with long sleeves? (author)2011-03-20

me encanto!
i've love'd it!!!!
eres argentina?

diana chu (author)2010-09-27

Thanks a lot! your creations are so EASY to make. Mil besos y abrazos.

schnitzle (author)2010-08-26

I understand Giannyl's instructions without any words better than most patterns with written instructions! Love her and this is a super cute vest :D

randske (author)2009-12-16

are you expert in electronics?

randske (author)randske2009-12-16

the images that I see is more likely electronics, I interested

Ward_Nox (author)randske2009-12-16


this is instructional video for makeign a womens ves

frollard (author)Ward_Nox2009-12-17

crack is getting cheaper and cheaper... :D

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