Learning to use RMXP!

     Hello! This instructable is about creating a simple game with RMXP, a program that can be downloaded for a free trial or bought for $60.00 at http://tkool.jp/products/rpgxp/eng/. This tutorial will go deeper into RMXP abilities without changing the script. 
     When I was first making games with RMXP, I had no idea what I was doing, wandering aimlessly among the many features of the program. Many of the RMXP fan sites do not have one big tutorial to show you what to do. This tutorial is to help you to learn the program easily.
     I have now had RMXP for two years, and I would like to share this knowledge with the public. Please, enjoy this tutorial, and feel free to ask any questions you might have! 

Step 1: Creating a New Game, Opening Folders, and Saving Your Project.

 How to create a new document.

     This step will be describing how to create a game, open your created game, and save the game you made. If you know how to do these things, or have a new game already open, skip this step.

     To create a new game, navigate your mouse to File -> New Project. It has a icon of paper with the edge folded over. Or, just press Ctrl+N. A window will pop up, that shows what you want to name your project, and what you want the folder it to be saved in called. For this demonstration, make both "RMXP Game Tutorial."

Saving your created game "RMXP Game Tutorial."

     Once you have your new project open, let's learn to save it. When ever I say save, and continue, do this step. Navigate your mouse to File -> Save Project. Click this once. Your game will be saved in the folder RPGXP in My Documents by itself, so it will be saved here for this tutorial.

Opening your saved game "RMXP Game Tutorial."

     Now that you have saved "RMXP Game Tutorial.", you need to now how to open it. Close down RPG Maker XP, or select File -> Open Project (Alliteratively  Ctrl+O) and go to the folder RPGXP. Open the folder, and select the project under the name you gave in "Folder Name:" (See image below).


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