Step 3: Assembly

First part of the assembly was creating the structure to hold the inner rings and wire wrapped sections. After trimming the inside so that they fit snugly, I glued the 4 support sections in and put a weight on them to clamp during drying (let it sit for about 10 minutes).
Then I added the first 4 U sections on, space about 1/3" or so from the supports to make a space where I could wrap wire.
I used some tape to hold them down tight to the clear ring while drying.

Next came the rest of the U sections, again holding them on with tape, and after that I cut 4 silvers of plastic by hand to cover the open backside of the supports (that's why I waited to paint, so the paint could cover the joint).

Once those are all glued in place, tape the clear sections off and paint it with the aluminum color. While that's drying, go ahead and assemble the slotted ring and inner 3 arm piece with glue.

With the aluminum painting done, undo all the tape, then begin the least fun part (when you have lots of cuts on your fingers from the dremel) - wire wrapping. I used a piece of electrical tape to wrap around the section and hold down the end of the wire, then began tightly wrapping wire until I had what I was looking for. I used an entire spool of magnet wire for the reactor, so make sure you have enough!

Once you have a section wrapped, sand off the varnish (if its magnet wire) and put a bead of solder down to hold it in place.
Repeat on the other 7 sections!

Lastly, I cut a piece of screen out in a circle to go behind the smallest gold ring, and then glued that down, followed by the other 2 gold rings.
Finished the top off with the slotted ring/3 arm assembly, and clamped and let that set for a bit.

The whole upper assembly is now done, so I glued it to the white circle I had cut for the backlight. (Sorry I forgot to take a pic of this)

Awesome project - thank you and well done. This is the best arc reactor project. Now I know what project is up next on my own MyDIYCNC CNC machine.
one of the best build reactors I've ever seen!
That's an amazing idea!
This looks great! Especially under the t-shirt. Good job.

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