Step 4: Electronics

So taking the PCB (I guess technically its not a printed circuit board, since I cut it...) I checked with my meter that all the connections were good and there was no crossover, and actually noticed I had forgotten a few cut lines so I did those by hand with my dremel and a v-bit.
With that done, I fired up the soldering iron and put a dab of solder down for each pad of the SMD LEDs - it helped to print out the sketchup page for reference (since the traces were such big areas)

Then I would make sure I had the LED in correct orientation, and lay it down on the solder pad, then heat one side, then the other. Then add a bit more solder on for good measure, and then test with a 9V battery to ensure everything works. I proceeded to do the rest of the LEDs (it took a while)
Next step was to add the resistors in, which using the calculator I linked earlier I need 5 27 ohm resistors, so I dug those out and soldered them on.
Then I added the power lines, just some regular stranded red and black wire, onto the positive and negative halves of the diskO
Lastly, I attached a scavenged power connector to the end of the power lines, that fit the power supply I already had made from a previous project - basically just 2 9Vs in series running through a potentiometer (heres a link to that project).

After I was done with the board I cut some scrap pieces of plastic to act as standoffs to space the LEDs from the white backlight panel, and glued them to the board then to the backlight. I finished it with some electrical tape around the edge to seal in light and protect any sharp edges.

This finishes the reactor itself, all that is left is to rig it up to wear!
Awesome project - thank you and well done. This is the best arc reactor project. Now I know what project is up next on my own MyDIYCNC CNC machine.
one of the best build reactors I've ever seen!
That's an amazing idea!
This looks great! Especially under the t-shirt. Good job.

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