Step 5: Wear It!

An lastly, I made it to wear for Halloween! So time to rig up a harness to hold to reactor to me.

I used an old webbing belt that I had to be the main strap for the reactor, and figured I'd need some vertical support to keep it from slipping (since the belt would run under my arms). I eyeballed where to put the reactor so that I could still thread the buckle, and glued 2 lengths of paracord on either side of where the reactor would go.

Then I put the belt on under my arms and ran the paracord over my sholders, and had my wonderful wife mark off where they went in the middle so they were snug. Using those marks I cut the cord and glued it down to the backside of the belt.

That part done, I cut out some heavy duty Velcro to go on the back on the reactor, and on the front of the harness. This way I can remove the reactor for other uses, but still wear it easily.

Everything worked out well, so I put on a black tee, snipped a hole (make sure its a fair bit smaller that the reactor) in the shirt, and stretched it around the reactor. And presto! I'm Tony.
Awesome project - thank you and well done. This is the best arc reactor project. Now I know what project is up next on my own MyDIYCNC CNC machine.
one of the best build reactors I've ever seen!
That's an amazing idea!
This looks great! Especially under the t-shirt. Good job.

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