Create an Access Control System With an 4x3 Keypad & RFID-RC522!


Introduction: Create an Access Control System With an 4x3 Keypad & RFID-RC522!

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Make your own Access Control System by using a RFID-RC522 mifare reader in combination with an 4x3 membrane keypad!

What's the different between the already existing tutorials?

  • Multiple mifare cards
  • Reading out the UID number and program this UID in the Arduino
  • Six or four digit Pincode's
  • The combining of a UID number with an Pincode.
  • Detecting wrong Pincode's
  • Setting up an Timelimit for entering Pincode.

In this article, I will show you how to create it!
Read this tutorial or watch the youtube video :)

Step 1: Project Materials

Arduino UNO

Keypad membrane 4x3



Green LED 5V

Red LED 5V

Buzzer 5V

Step 2: Function Diagram

All steps are shown in the function diagram.
The video will explain every step :)

Step 3: Wiring Diagram

  • Arduino 3.3V - RC522 3.3V
  • Arduino GND - RC522 GND
  • Arduino A3 - Red LED (+)
  • Arduino A4 - Green LED (+)
  • Arduino A5 - Buzzer (+)
  • Arduino GND - Breadboard (-)
  • Breadboard (-) - Red LED (-)
  • Breadboard (-) - Green LED (-)
  • Breadboard (-) - Buzzer (-)
  • Arduino Pin 13 - RC522 SCK
  • Arduino Pin 12 - RC522 MISO
  • Arduino Pin 11 - RC522 MOSI
  • Arduino Pin 10 - RC522 SDA
  • Arduino Pin 9 - RC522 RST
  • Arduino Pin 8 - Keypad Pin 3 (Black)
  • Arduino Pin 7 - Keypad Pin 2 (Blue)
  • Arduino Pin 6 - Keypad Pin 1 (White)
  • Arduino Pin 5 - Keypad Pin 7 (Green)
  • Arduino Pin 4 - Keypad Pin 6 (Orange)
  • Arduino Pin 3 - Keypad Pin 5 (Red)
  • Arduino Pin 2 - Keypad Pin 4 (Yellow)

Step 4: Arduino Code

Download & import the MRFC Library and the Keypad Library.

Click here for the MFRC Library

Click here for the Keypad Library

The SPI library is already present in your Arduino Software.

Download the sketch & upload it to your Arduino.

Arduino Code and library's also available at:

Step 5: Endresult

You have now created your own Acces Control System!

Watch the video for the result :)

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    hello, I need help, can you change the code so that the RFID and keypad can open access independently of each other?

    To be accessed only by either a card or a pincode.



    Help me


    how i can change the code

    that I can switch betwen Pincode OR KeyCard