Picture of Create an Andy Warhol Style Card
I made this card for my family a few years ago, and of all the cards I've made over the years, this one was the biggest hit! Who doesn't want to be immortalized in the likes of Andy Warhol style pop art? It's a great way to personalize photos, and the end result is bright and fun.

I am a designer by trade so I created this card in Photoshop. However because not everyone has access to Photoshop, I decided to put together a tutorial on how to make this Warhol effect in Pixlr Editor, a free web app that is pretty awesome. If you are a Photoshop user, most of the steps are pretty similar, so this tutorial is still relevant. For any experienced Pixlr users out there, tips and tricks on techniques I may have missed are welcome.

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Step 1: Setup Image Document

Picture of Setup Image Document
Open the image you want to use. The easiest photos to apply this effect to are well exposed images with light colored solid backgrounds, but because these optimal conditions are rarely the case I decided to use a somewhat messy photo instead as a more realistic example.

Make a new image (file/new image) and set it to 900x900 (this is 3" at 300dpi, which is ideal print quality). I intended to have a 7" square card with four images, so this was as large as I needed. Make yours whatever size you need, at 300px per inch.

Copy and paste the image you had opened into your new square document.

Resize it to fit the space (edit/free transform). It's OK to size up a fair amount. When using free transform, hold shift to keep your aspect ratio the same. You can resize by dragging from the corner, and if you move your cursor slightly off the corner you will get your rotate option. I resized then rotated slightly.
jcavell9 months ago
Can you show how to make one in Photoshop?
Mic1001 year ago

Very Nice !

eddevine1 year ago
Fantastic work, thank you for posting
I love the cat :)
HollyMann1 year ago
Great Job - I love how it turned out!
Natalina (author)  HollyMann1 year ago