This is a quick instructable about how to make your OWN custom background in vista (im not sure about other systems, but i did it in vista.

it involves using an awesome screen saver (called mystify), adobe photoshop and a little bit of luck.

with my name it's relatively easy do this, because it's small and the letters are basic - so you should always use 'short' names.

Samuel becomes Sam in my case.

Johnathon becomes John.

and so on...

Step 1: What You Need:

Adobe Photoshop or another program that allows you to work in layers.

Vista or a screen saver like Mystify in another operating system

luck, timing and the ability to concentrate over a potentially long period of time.
<p>I never knew screensavers could be screen-captured with the PrtScr key. I tried this and captured an image from my Ribbon screensaver (in Win7 Ultimate) and it looks cool! I learned something new here, Thanks! :-D</p>
Couldn't you just play around on photoshop and save the picture and use it as a desktop background
yeah, but this is absolutely personal.
The thingamajiggie is a fractal. In opposition to the magic wand in photoshop under select go to select color and adjust to preference by sliding the bar left or right .. then cut and paste onto new layer .. Same type of thing can be done in gimp hope this helps to crate your own fractals try <strong>apophysis</strong> a fractal program thats free<br/>
uuh, i meant the graphic thing was the thingimajig.
That is fantastic, kept my kids quiet for ages. Thanks
hehe. cool.
That looks really cool!
oh, and you can show me the ones you've made here.

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