Picture of Create an easy ombre manicure at home!
Are you loving the ombre trend that's so hot right now? Do you find yourself longingly gazing at gradients and wishing you could get them on your nails? Is your wallet feeling a bit faint at the idea of getting ombre nails at the salon?

You've definitely clicked the right instructable. You've probably got everything you need to do a gorgeous gradient manicure right now! Keep clicking to see how to achieve this!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
If you like doing your nails at home, you probably already have everything you need to do this. If not, you definitely don't need to break the bank. You can get almost everything you need for a 2 color gradient at your local dollar store with money left over for a Taco Bell burrito! (Don't blame me if you're up all night with indigestion, though... )

Base coat
White nail polish
Nail polishes for the gradient in the colors of your choice
Top coat
A cosmetic sponge

You can use any polishes you like for this, but keep in mind that you're going to be applying a very thin layer of the gradient colors. Opaque polishes tend to work a bit better for this than sheer polishes.

The white nail polish isn't exactly a requirement, but it definitely makes the gradient colors show up better.

As for the sponge? You can use pretty much any kind of sponge you want, as long as it's clean and doesn't melt if you put nail polish on it. If you aren't using a cosmetics sponge, you might want to test it by putting your nail polish onto it and stamping it a few times onto paper to see if it holds up. If it does? You're good to go!
username16015 months ago

I don't have a base coat. will it still work? or can I use a top coat for the base.

mslaynie (author)  username16015 months ago
Top coat doesn't work well as a base coat. Since it tends to be really shiny, polish doesn't stick well to it.

However, you can do this technique without a base coat. A base coat will help protect your nails from staining, and it can help your polish last longer. Still, it's not totally necessary. =)
michael631 year ago
Wow, i never thought you could do it that way. Great job. I would love to try that.
Really cute but it didn't work for me. :(
mslaynie (author)  ThisIsAUsername2 years ago
Hmmm, did you let the base polish dry fully first? Did you apply the polish thickly to the sponge? Did you reapply polish to the sponge for each nail?

Those are all things you need to do to make it work. Plus, it can take a few applications to make the gradient really show up.
YAY! I tried it and it came out really cute and bright! Thanks!
mslaynie (author)  ThisIsAUsername2 years ago
Yay!! I'm so glad to hear it! What was the problem?
I guess I didn't let the base dry enough before I sponged on the polish. I let it dry longer and it worked great!
mslaynie (author)  ThisIsAUsername2 years ago
Yep, that can do it. The base does need to be dry first, so the gradient can stick! :D I'm glad you got it to work!
Maybe I didn't lat the base dry long enough. Thanks!
mslaynie (author)  ThisIsAUsername2 years ago
You're welcome! I hope you can get it to work, because it's a really fun look!
I just tried this and it turned out great I'll post a pic soon if you like
malibini2 years ago
That is SO CUTE! i've always wanted to know how to do that! now i know how! thanks for the tutorial!
mslaynie (author)  malibini2 years ago
You're very welcome!
I can't wait to try that! I love it :)
So I tried this, and totally loved it! I am so excited :P
morlin2 years ago
Awesome! I'm going out for some make up sponges right now! Thanks for the great 'structable
mslaynie (author)  morlin2 years ago
You're welcome! It's a really fun technique, I think.
Mrballeng2 years ago
Really cool!