Create an Electric Magnet


Introduction: Create an Electric Magnet

all you need is a long wire, a 6 Volt batterie and a LONG NAIL!!!
and thats all you need to make. This its pretty cool!! Oh!! and electrical tape. Sorry I didnt picture that

Step 1: Putting It Together

OK first you need to do

1: get a long nail like in the picture. Then get the wire a long wire to like in the picture AGAIN......

Step 2: Wrap It Up


2: you take the long wire and wrap it around the nail. Get it as tight as you can for more magnetism. look at the picture if need help. then use electrical tape to tape the ends to the nail. AGAIN in the picture...

Step 3: The Batterie


3: now that your done doing the cord and the nail together take the end of the wire that arent attached to the nail. wrap the wire around the positive and negative springs. Now you just use the end of the nail to pick up stuff. Thats magnetic......
Hope you like this Instructable. MY SECOND ONE!!!!!



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    Not bad but try checking your spelling and avoid using caps lock, if you want to emphasize something use bold by putting three apostrophes either side of it like this:


    Italic is two of these ' either side and bold is three.

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    Neato!!! I know that did not,,Thanks.

    That was before the switch...

    Now you use rich editor and use the buttons or crtl+B and ctrl+I

    I did a science fair on an electro magnet. Next time, used glazed wire. Also, you should use at least 100 feet. The wire should be around $.10/ft. Make sure you use a higher voltage/ amperage. that battery is good, or a series of 9 volts can.

    I new alot about physics and magnets and all that, oh so many years ago,(im studying again to awaken that dormant giant I put to sleep years ago for it was getting me into trouble) but Im about 80% sure its "Electro-magnet" not electric magnet. Overall very educational instructible.

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    Although if you call it an electric magnet it may mean that he didn't find this idea somewhere else and found it out his or herself! (that's cool).

    I would also say check your spelling; small things like changing arent to aren't, or are not, makes a difference in the end.

    educational and useful 2 in 1 excellent!