So this is my sad little room. And here is its story:

I've always dreamed of moving to Los Angeles. Finally, this year I was able to make the move. I didn't own much of my own furniture and what little I did own wasn't worth the cost of transporting here.  So... I packed only what I could fit into my compact car and headed West. I thought I could get by for a few months sleeping on an air mattress. Unfortunately, it sprung a leak a week after arriving. Now I sleep on my roommate's couch (IKEA of course) and my room has been tragically abandoned.  Since I'm on a very strict budget  IKEA  is the perfect place to find what I need to make my home. My dream room is soft, elegant, and romantic. Most people think IKEA is only for people who like strict lines, minimal, and modern designs. But I've done my research and I know that once finances allow (which could be awhile) I can put together a room that feels classic and glamourous. Here let me show you!

Step 1: Find a Little INSPIRATION

This blanket and picture frame are a few of the only decorative things I brought with me. I want my room to mirror these simple and clean colors while also complimenting the ornate designs. If you like this look IKEA has a few items that can compliment or even replace these items. These Alvine Kvist duvet cover and pillow cases would work just as well or IKEA's Rosmarie FABRIC  in gray or white would make a great duvet cover, pillows, or window treatments. You might also want to sneak a peek at these elegant frames : The square Kvill frame and oval Kvill frame.

<p>Not the most romantic result I've seen with flat pack furniture assembly but you still deserve a bigup! </p>
First of all, I congratulate you start a new life in Los Angeles. Then, I want to say though your furniture are only a few, but they are very simple and practical.And the <br><a href="http://uniqueduvetcoverscovers.com/">duvet cover</a> is very beautiful.

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Bio: Recently moved to L.A., broke as a joke but trying to make the best of it :)
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