Introduction: Create an Octagon From a Square

Picture of Create an Octagon From a Square

Draw a square, which is used to draw this octagon.

Step 1: Divide Into Thirds

Picture of Divide Into Thirds

Divide the lengths into thirds. However, if you want a regular octagon, the lengths must be around the ratio 7:10:7.

Step 2: Split Into 9 Squares

Picture of Split Into 9 Squares

Draw along the markings to create 9 small squares.

Step 3: Make an Octagon in the 9 Squares

Picture of Make an Octagon in the 9 Squares

Draw lines such that the octagon can be seen in the 9 squares.

Step 4: Erase Forming the Octagon

Picture of Erase Forming the Octagon

Erase the unneeded sides such that it forms an octagon.


DRADIS (author)2016-01-01

This isn't a regular octagon.

This method is accurate:

Saad726 (author)2014-03-11

wrong method

In this procedure all sides of octagon are not equal

you can see !!!!!!

artworker (author)2013-06-25

cool! Just a thought! The diagonals will be sqrt(2) ~1.4 times larger than the the horizontal and vertical sides.

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