Step 3: Construct the 3D Solids

First cut out the images that you have printed out.

Now you must crease the edges and tape the shape together. You can look here to find out more information about how the shapes fold together. You will not need tabs.

Use electrical tape cut to half width to tape the shapes together. For efficiency, I recommend preparing many measured pieces of tape and hanging them on the edge of the table, then taping the shape together. I like to use my index finger as a kind of measuring tape, marking off with a pen how far from the point of my finger the edge goes. Then I put the end of the tape on the side of my finger and cut it at the mark.

Leave the last taped edge open wide enough to fit your Christmas light bulb. For the Icosahedron, and doedecahedron, I leave the whole last edge open.

This is where the patience comes in handy. I recommend some chill beats for this step :)
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<p>For me the directions are clear as mud.<br><br>I do what I think you're asking and I'm not getting what you're getting.</p><p>Clearly, I'm doing something wrong. And, I'm really confused on this.<br></p><p>I bring up the mask. I create a fractal. Not really clear where the multiple<br>of 5 applies. I'm using GIMP 2.9. Perhaps you mean &quot;mirrors&quot;?<br><br>When I get to the Layer Mask / Selection part. All I get is the dodec mask.<br><br>Merging down gives me nothing but the dodec mask.</p>
Hey, this is probably gonna sound like a bit of a stupid question, but what distro is that?<br />
Lots of good stuff in this instructable. Adding it to my favorites. Love the GIMP and can use this to learn more. Thanks for posting it!
WOW..that is SO cool!

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