Create Beautiful Jewelry Using Zippers and Polymer Clay





Introduction: Create Beautiful Jewelry Using Zippers and Polymer Clay

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This is an easy way to create beautiful jewelry with simple and cheap materials, I was jewelry shopping when I noticed the metal frame around framed stones looks very similar to a metal zipper, so I decided to experiment with it, I really liked the result!

Step 1: Materials You Will Need

1- Zipper in any color, I prefer longer zippers, I used a 24" zipper from walmart and it was enough to make all the pieces you see here

2- Polymer clay in various colors

3- Scissors

4- Super Glue

5- Misc Jewelry finding peaces, like earwires, jump rings and chains.

Step 2: Cutting the Zipper

1- Open the Zipper

2- Use the Scissors to separate the zipper into two halves

3- Take one half, and then use your zipper to cut the zipper as close as possible to the metal. Keep going until you have a long piece of meta

Step 3: Cutting the Clay

1- Wash your hands and dry them well.

2- Lay a slab of clay out on a glass or Plexiglas cutting board.

3- Knead the clay until it's smooth and pliable.

4- Shape the clay into whatever form you have in mind - you can cut the clay to your favorite shapes

Step 4: Play With Patterns and Shapes

I experimented with two different approaches and they both worked fine, you can attach the zipper to the polymer clay before or after drying it in the oven (using Super Glue), I found that using a thread and needle works best in making the zipper keep it's shape.

You can shape the zipper first and then use it to cut the clay, then attach any findings that you will not be able to attach later.

Step 5: Bake Your Clay

Bake the clay according to the package directions

Step 6: Shape Your Jewelry

Now that your pieces are baked, you can start to get creative, you can use various materials, to make the black and while bubble necklace I used the remaining fabric from the zipper, super glued the baked clay beads to it and sewed jump rings on both sides

Step 7: Enjoy Your New Jewelry :)



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    I was looking for something like that :) genius!

    congrats for being one of the finalist :)..

    thanks Bhawya :) Congratulations to you too for winning :)

    Hey I really liked what you did and thought to do a REMIX. Hope you like what I did

    zipper felt.jpg

    I absolutely love them, they are very cute, I have some left over felt pieces that I will experiment with - great idea :)

    Thanks for inspiring :-)

    love the multiple circles!! i'm going to make mine with cyan & purple! :D

    Thanks :) Please share the pictures if you do, I would love to see how it turns out :)

    it might be a bit, as i'm the world's #1 procrastinator {in the female division, @ least}, but i'm very excited about making & sharing .... & i voted for you! :)

    All the designs are super cute.. Nice :)