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I'll show how to make crazy halloween pumpkin projects using:
1. ammonium dichromate
2. mercury(II) thiocyanate

Step 1:

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Prepare and cut your pumpkin
justjimAZ4 years ago
My Wal-Mart appears to be out of ammonium dichromate and mercury(II) thiocyanate. Where do you get yours?
Try using sparklers and the little snake thingies commonly sold around May and July. They even have them at Walmart.
1) You bend the sparklers until the chemical falls off in chunks. Keep one for later.
2) Arrange the snake thingies in the bottom of a container (preferably not some family heirloom). An empty soda can with the top cut off will do. Add the chunks from the sparklers so they cover the snake thingies.
3) Place your pumpkin OUTSIDE. Can't stress that one enough. Make sure it is away from anything remotely flammable (house, trees, pets) or explosive (cans of Aquanet, propane tanks, the wife) and place the container into the pumpkin.
4) Light the last sparkler, drop it into the container, then jump back.

..............Wait..........are you kidding?

Why? Does YOUR Wal-Mart carry these?
fpddragon2 years ago
wow i guess they do after all http://imgur.com/wbPhJ
This project could kill you