Faceted sculptures and objects are all the rage these days. And they are ideal to make from paper or cardstock.

You don't need fancy 3D-programs or design skills. But it takes time and patience to make them. There's a lot of paper to be printed, cut and glued.

If you want to skip the next steps and just want to build the deer above - Here is the PDF:
It's meant to be printed on A3. You can print it on A4, the deer will then be 75% smaller in the end.
(Please don't share the pdf without the link to where it came from, thank you.)

But you want to make your own, right? So let's get started.

UPDATE: I made a second tutorial for the Moose as some of you have requested.

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Step 1: 3D-Model

Picture of 3D-Model
The web is full of free 3D-models that we can use as a template. I found my deer on

There are plenty of other models on that site. If none fits you try looking for free .obj or .stl on your favourite search engine.

Most of the time these models were made for animation or 3d-printing. If you were to try to make them detailed like this you'd have to cut out tens or hundreds of thousand little paper triangles. Thats why we have to reduce the level of detail drastically. That way we also get that cool faceted look.

The free software Meshlab (for Windows, Mac or Linux) can do that for us. Get it at:

Step 2: Importing the Model

Picture of Importing the Model
Once you open meshlab and go through the menus you probably want to close it right away. But fear not. We will only use one of all those tools.

So lets get started:

Import your model:
File->Import Mesh

You should see your model on the screen like this. Try to get rotate the model by clicking and dragging you mouse. You can Zoom in and out with your scroll-wheel.

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krummrey (author) 3 months ago

Anastasia from the german blog "Kreativbühne" took my instructable and made two new templates. A cow and a panther.

You'll have to register her newsletter to get the templates though.

Kammarah made it!6 months ago

I made it - and it's gorgeous!

I wondered, why my version is inverted, but after reading the comments it came clear: I printed the instruction on white paper, zoomed it with a copier to A3, cut out the pieces, pinned them onto heavy cardstock and wrote the numbers with a pencil onto the cardstock - my numbers are outside, and the deer looks to his left side.

I do love this clear shape - great work!

(removed by author or community request)

Thank you! :-)

awesome !

Thank you! :-)

fdmomtaz Kammarah6 months ago

That looks amazing
Can you share the PDF files that should be printed please?

Kammarah fdmomtaz6 months ago
thank you :-)
krummrey posted the link to the pdf file here in the comments. scroll down please.
casplas Kammarah6 months ago looks really really nice! :) Could you tell me what kind of paper are you using?...COuld share with me the link where I can buy it?

Kammarah casplas6 months ago

Hi, thank you very much :-)

I bought this paper in Tallinn (Estonia) in a very big shop with tons of cartonage, printed paper and everything with paper which I have never seen. It is 300g/m² cartonage. I want to build an elk (also from krummrey) and just bought 300g/m² cartonage at "Heinrich Hünicke" in Lübeck (Germany)

So, unfortunately no online-shop.

casplas Kammarah6 months ago

I just bought a catonage of 180g/m^2...hope it work well because I see that is stiffened enough. Please, share with us the pdf file of the elk. What about a Lion and a panter!. I am really excited about these kind of projects. Hope to hear soon from you!

NickyR13 days ago

Hi guys, I want to make this a deer, but I had a couple of questions.

I skachad PDF file, I want to make the horns of a different color, which pages in the pdf file the horns, so I printed on different colored paper, unlike the main deer?

and how to collect? glue such as 192 and 192; 80 and 80 like that?

krummrey (author)  NickyR12 days ago

If I remember this right, the last fours pages make the antlers.

And yes, you match the two sides with the same number.

NichA1 made it!28 days ago

Hi! i would really like to say thank you for your amazing template! i just finished mine and it took me 9 hours! it's not that perfect but i love it!

krummrey (author)  NichA12 days ago

Looks great. So you two flirt every morning when you look into the mirror? ;)

Poplarzh13 days ago
guerrsari made it!21 days ago

I couldn't find paper in just one color so it ended up looking like patchwork :P but it's sooo pretty!!! thanks for the instructable!"

krummrey (author)  guerrsari14 days ago

I've been wanting to make one with each facet having a different color. This is very much like it.

Bomshika25 days ago

Wonderful piece of work, I just have a quick question. which sections am I meant to paste together? Is it like paste 1 to 2 or am I missing a step somewhere?

krummrey (author)  Bomshika25 days ago
Thanks, glad you like it.
You're supposed to match the edges with corresponding numbers. 1:1, 2:2... I know it's like a puzzle sometimes. Using the PDF and searching for a number works well for me. try that to speed things up.

Great, that makes far more sense then I thought!
Can't wait to start it now.
kawhamsen1 month ago

Hi this is some coooool stuff!! What are the meanings of the different lines on the pdf. The normal lines are for normal cutting, the dashed ones with the gaps for folding. But there are two types of dashed lines. Can you tell us about that?

Ok i found out. Thanks anyways for showing all the opportunities!!!

mnicacio made it!2 months ago

fluor deer!

krummrey (author)  mnicacio1 month ago

Complementary color scheme. Love how you can see the facets on your photo.

ZangiefG1 month ago

If you made the file available in PDO instead of pdf people who didnt want to unflod from scratch could still scale up and rearrange the pieces to print it bigger with A4.

krummrey (author)  ZangiefG1 month ago

The idea of the instructable was to show all of you how to do it yourself. ;)
The PDF was meant as a incentive only…

Alucietto made it!1 month ago

It's awsome!

terte copy.JPG
krummrey (author)  Alucietto1 month ago

Looks great in unicolor too. :D

al-yazdi made it!3 months ago

I only found coloured rigid paper, So I printed the pages on random colours, and mounted it like it comes, I had no idea which colour would come at which place. I also mounted it on a big canvas, it's hanging in our hallway.

Thanks for making that possible !


love it. i had a similar idea... but without the canvas.

krummrey (author)  al-yazdi3 months ago

WOW, great idea. I will have try that some day.

rafaelhorta4 months ago

print, cut out, but I can not mount ... help me? thank you

I made mine from 260GSm paper and then filled it with "expandafoam" (aerosol can space filler) and it set as hard as a rock. I'm going to screw it to a metal "shield" and hang on the wall.

krummrey (author)  rafaelhorta4 months ago

My backside has a hole that I simply put over a screw in the wall.

Nothing special.

sorry my English, but I say do not know where to start collage ... thanks
Reschool1 month ago

I made mine from 260GSm paper and then filled it with "expandafoam" (aerosol can space filler) and it set as hard as a rock. I'm going to screw it to a metal "shield" and hang on the wall, photos to come.

FreddySE1 month ago
15 hours
A4 260gr
krummrey (author)  FreddySE1 month ago

Looks great, a little smaller. Now I know how big it is using A4 paper. :D

versatilenerd made it!2 months ago

I finally finished my version... awesome instuctable! Thank you!

I decided to go for a black and white / chrome look and mounted it to a picture frame.

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