Introduction: Create Pandora Battery and Patch Firmware for Sony PSP

Picture of Create Pandora Battery and Patch Firmware for Sony PSP

So a PSP can be modified to work with loading games and home brew apps as you please. This will explain the step by step process in how to create a pandora battery.

What you need

1 x Sony (original) battery
1 x replacement battery for your PSP
1 x small pin
1 x 512mb memory stick

Step 1: Taking Apart Sony Battery

Picture of Taking Apart Sony Battery

So you get sony battery that you got with psp and start to take it apart. slide a exacto knife down both sides of battery slowly (cutting away from you) and repeat over and over on all 4 sides.

Be careful not to cut yourself or to dig to hard into the side of battery because there is chips in it and you should not damage them. (not sure what they do, but do not damage them).

next step....

Step 2: Finding Chip

Picture of Finding Chip
so once you open battery and peal off battery off sides you will find something that looks like this picture below.

You will want to remove the leg on the top left of this diagram.
(-) # -
- # -
- # -
- # -

Also found this video

Step 3: Download

Picture of Download

so then just taped it all back up and plugged it back in, then the psp starts back up and running.
unplug battery again and transfer the following files onto your memory stick.

So now you do a bit of downloading
Download (NEW)(FAT+SLIM files 3.80 m33-5)

Download(FAT+SLIM files 3.71m33-2)Download(FAT+SLIM files 3.71m33-2)]

Video in last step explaines the loading of this onto memory stick much better than i could ever write.

Step 4: Loading ISO

So finally plug in second battery (not pandora battery) and then copy your ISO's and CSO files onto memory stick, put in cd into back of PSP and go to Games -> memory stick and start up game/file that you have loaded up to memory stick.

You must have cd in psp when loading otherwise you will get errors when loading game from memory stick.
If loading software you must get software that works with firmware you have.

Hope ya like this


Isaac Phiamphu (author)2016-09-29

Can you please help me repair my PSP E1004. When power on only green light for 1second and nothing. Is it possible to build pandora battery for this.

kingdom7893 (author)2008-02-28

lol man no you dont need a disk in it after you install the custom firmware you just have to hit select in xmb and change it to the m33 option or the sony nap200 or you can change it from the recovery menu which can be accesed by holding r while turning it on and it dosent need a disk lol its so easy email me if you need more help people i hacked my psp a long time ago

shaiks (author)kingdom78932009-10-08

u r geniuse i need ur guidiance really can u help me in this matter plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz send me ur mail on my mail plzzzzzz <a href=""></a> waiting for u dear take care ....

joseph_2020 (author)kingdom78932009-09-16

can you please email me "kingdom7893" because his youtube videos arent available and i dont know how to make the pandora battery. or

maxpower49 (author)2008-06-18

can you reuse the memork stick normally? do you have the fat or slim? do you have to install old format for it to work or does it install a lower firmware automatilacy?

G-Pow (author)maxpower492008-07-06

I do know that is a Slim battery because it is 3.6 v and 1200 mah

ReCreate (author)G-Pow2009-03-09

and fat psp where different?

J Moneyman (author)ReCreate2009-03-30

if u cut open a phat battery with knife, it blows up! i found out hard way

foo i used a macherte it worked fine i didnt use this though


hahahha jk man i used a big princess knife though it waS HUGE

dont_bug_me (author)J Moneyman2009-07-28

Yea this pissed me off i followed this guide and mine got hot in my hand and i got scared and threw it away lol

he is right it does it blew up in my hand

thats not good!

ReCreate (author)J Moneyman2009-03-30

so a phat psp battery is higher amperage?

J Moneyman (author)ReCreate2009-03-31

i guess... just be careful and make sure u have 2 batterys

ReCreate (author)J Moneyman2009-03-31

I used a flat screwdriver to open mine,no scratches its almost good as new And that is my only battery,and it survived

J Moneyman (author)ReCreate2009-04-01

was it phat?

ReCreate (author)J Moneyman2009-04-01 Its a slim,slim batteries are harder to take apart

cormac3050 (author)2008-11-10

I have 5.01 ofw, will this work for me??

DaPaulness332 (author)cormac30502008-11-18

yep, as long as you have a magic memory stick ...i think

cormac3050 (author)DaPaulness3322008-11-21

Cheers, I'm getting a pandora and a 2gb magic memstick for Christmas, just wanted to check first.

ReCreate (author)cormac30502009-03-09

NO you can still use the Pandora as a normal in CFW but you gotta make the magic ms first you only NEED one battery

daiatlus79 (author)ReCreate2009-07-06

unless you use the ChickHEN hack! (TIFF exploit that negates the need for the Pandora and MMS) it will work on many but google it and consult the compatibility chart. Mine is a Piano Black PSP-2001 that came with OFW 3.80. after using the ChickHEN hack i now have 5.00M33-4. was no hassle at all. but sometimes you have to try more than once for the exploit to kick in! but i must stress this: quadruple check to make sure your psp is compatible... if not IT WILL BRICK (then you will need the pandora lol)

ReCreate (author)daiatlus792009-07-07

Ah well, The new exploit probably just came recently, i had OFW 3.78 and at the time i got my psp there was no exploit for my firmware

ReCreate (author)DaPaulness3322009-03-09

a little clarification you can do it on any psp 1000 the 2000 series but not the new psp 3000 yet

Seraph92 (author)2008-08-06


daiatlus79 (author)Seraph922009-07-06

yeah you etch one of the lines on the PCB then when you want to restore it you just rub over the gap with a graphite pencil.. no joke!

maxpower49 (author)Seraph922008-08-20

do you have a link to the site

Seraph92 (author)maxpower492008-08-23

its not a site. do you have a slim or phat?

maxpower49 (author)Seraph922008-08-24

slim but i allredy made the battery with a spare i got off ebay for $10

cormac3050 (author)Seraph922008-08-24


Sandisk1duo (author)2009-07-03

hey, i bought another psp, but it won't charge or turn on! what should i do?

Numb-Nuts (author)2009-04-07

What is the point of this?

ReCreate (author)Numb-Nuts2009-06-24

The Point? Everything!(and running CFW and Homebrew)

zebbandflow (author)2009-06-20

Your videos rule... these are VERY helpful, and quite clear about what to do concerning hacks and the like. Thanks a ton for your work.

maxpower49 (author)2008-06-18

wot do i need to download the files it shows up as unknown file when i go to download it.

codongolev (author)maxpower492009-06-08

just put them on the memory stick. your computer can't recognize them because that's the new firmware for the psp. actually, that happens a lot with homebrew and stuff.

conradev (author)2009-04-18
Sandisk1duo (author)2008-04-13

so um... did you put the jig kik battery together? where might i find ultra thin solder, as thin as ! looks on your monitor?

ianlikescake (author)Sandisk1duo2008-08-16

You dont have to use a solder. You can just do what namit said except dont hack it off. Just use a blade and push down on the top of t till it breaks. be very careful not to touch any two legs together with the blade or youll fry the battery (youll know you fried it when you hear hissing and smoke comes out).

Sandisk1duo (author)ianlikescake2008-08-19

i wanted to turn it back into a regular ol' battery but due to an unfortunate series of events i bought a new battery

ReCreate (author)Sandisk1duo2009-03-09

you stabbed it?

Sandisk1duo (author)ReCreate2009-03-09

the pin broke off i stabbed a different battery

ReCreate (author)Sandisk1duo2009-03-09

If you did stab the battery,then you have an excuse to remove it and put another. did you crack or brake the little circuit board? if not connect it to an external battery pack that is 3.? volts my dvd player has a huge lithium ion battery,its two 3.? volt cells inside like 1 inch wide 9 inches wide and 1 cm thick its a lithium ion battery since you stabbed it ...did you stab it by accident? or you just freaked out and stabbed the dang thing?(anger,it happened to me)

Sandisk1duo (author)ReCreate2009-03-09

well, the problem is that, it was this one guy's battery, he payed $10 for me to mod his psp so i took his battery, started to pry it apart, and accidentally stabbed it, smoke came out along with sparks i took my battery and turned it into pandora, modded his psp, the pin broke off the chip and i couldn't save it. i bought him a new battery, gave him his old one back Li-ion/polymer batteries are between 3.0-4.2 volts, depending on how much it is charged i don't really have anger issues... :/

ReCreate (author)Sandisk1duo2009-03-09

The cell voltage is usually 3.7 volts,if it goes to 3.8 KABOOM yeah just a tenth of a volt lithium ion batteries are never charged to their full capacity so a 3.7 is charged to 3.5 to stay safe also you can cut the trace that comes prom the pin of the battery that needs to be removed by cutting it off with some flat screwdriver or knife then you could put a bit of soldir(is that right?) or write on it with a pencil or something

Sandisk1duo (author)ReCreate2009-03-09

the charging cut-off voltage of li-ion is 4.2v
so when the battery charger charges the battery, and sees that the battery is at 4.2v, it shuts off

cutting the trace might be a good idea.... but i don't remember if you could, the trace might go under the chip, or something....

if you could cut the trace, you could bridge it back with solder, but you would have to scrape the green 'stuff' epoxy off of the circuit board

ReCreate (author)Sandisk1duo2009-03-10

is does not go under the chip it goes around,thats how i did it for my psp also is should be easy to scrape that stuff off with a sharp knife or something

namit (author)Sandisk1duo2008-04-21

just use a blade and hack off the leg.

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