Picture of Create personalized gift bows
You can create your own personalized gift bows.  You can make the bow a hint about what the gift is, like I did with this bow.  You can put pictures of the receiver and/or giver.  You can make the bow an ANTI-hint.  You could use wrapping paper, the comics, magazines, etc...  Get creative!

If you DO make one post a pic in the comments & I'll send you a badge.  :)
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Step 1: Things you'll need

Picture of Things you'll need
You will need:

*a razor blade cutter or similar
*a ruler to measure & to use as a cutting edge

*an image that will still look good when made pretty small

Step 2: Print & cut

Picture of Print & cut
You will need to cut strips about 3/4" wide, so find, resize, & print an image (or images).  Then use your razor cutter & ruler to cut your strips.  You're going to need 9 of them.

Step 3: Now cut your strips

Picture of Now cut your strips
You want to leave 3 strips the full length.
Cut 1" off of 3 strips.
Cut 2" off of 2 strips.
Cut one strip to 3 1/2".

Step 4: Figure 8 time!

Picture of Figure 8 time!
This is the step that can get a little fiddle-y.  You want to take each strip &, basically, make a figure 8. Use tape to secure each strip.   You need to keep track of the sizes.  Keep the 3 longest strips in a group, the 3 smaller strips in a group, & the 2 smaller strips in a group.  The smallest strip that's 3 1/2", you just need to make a circle with it.

Step 5: Putting figure 8s together

Picture of Putting figure 8s together
Each set of strips needs to be put together.  I prefer to use a stapler to put the sets together.  Yes, it will fold a curl or 2, but you can reshape them back enough that no one will notice.

Step 6: Now we start making the bow! Yay!

Picture of Now we start making the bow!  Yay!
Take your set of 3 biggest strips & put the set of next 3 biggest strips inside.  Staple.
Then, take your set of 2 smaller strips & put that set in the middle.  Staple.
KittyGinaMeow7 months ago
So neat thank you so much for sharing going to try it tonight
So glad this exists. I just used a spare bow and did this.
I want to note that you don't have to follow the measurements to a key. They are more like guide lines, i found that if you start from the center and work your way out, you can find the size you like for your gift
Terricakes3 years ago
Great idea!
thanks for sharing this. i wish this instructable was around when i posted my robot wrap your christmas gift 'ible!
Browncoat (author)  sokamiwohali3 years ago
Yes, one could def put the cute lil' robot on these bows! :)
bovinize3 years ago
Great idea!
sunshiine3 years ago
Thanks for sharing! This is quite pretty!
Browncoat (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
Thanks! :)